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Huh... a short decription of myself? Let's see... my name's Chasyn. People call me Chase, Chas, and Syn. Mail lady called me Chastity once. I babysit and do massages. I like the colors red and black. I like the band Kamelot. I have their logo tattooed to my arm. Also like Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, Edguy, AFI, Nightwish, System of a Down and a million other things. I sing, dance, write, and draw though not very well. Heavy into gaming. Vegetarian for health issues. Is that enough mindless information?

Favorite comic on here would be DeSTRESSING with Sharkteeth, Peter and the Wolf, Soul Eye, Devil's Shrine, Teahouse, and Paradox tied for a very close second. I have too many favorites.

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Ah! So many updates! <3 I am so excited! I went back and reread the chapter. XD It's so cute! So glad to see bunny friend is alive and well. And poor Sweetie! Got in trouble. :( Better listen to mama!
November 2nd, 2017
His horns are hot!
It's kinda ironic that pretty boy is whining that everything comes so easy to Aiden. And all the while, Aiden's been having problems getting Wyatt. XD
Aw! HOW CUTE! I just wanna pet his hair. He's just too cute.
Debating. DEBATING STRONGLY! I think I am loosing debate with self. XD Okay fine. I will order. 8D As soon as I locate my credit card.
@MissDomaYuset: ... totally my first thought, too. XD
XD Eye sparkles for the gun. Awesome.
... okay. Where'd Mr. Fat Belly Dude hide that gun?
Haha. Psychopathic pimp. XD Love the page. Though I keep just staring at the fat dude's belly. It's hanging out, dude. PULL YOUR SHIRT DOWN!
Still loving all the pink. XD And oooooh! Who's this weird glowy eye lady with the killer wig?
XD Little forward there, aren't ya Alice?
Lust! XD
I love it. That first panel. SO MUCH PINK! The whole page, just so much pink!
That cityscape is so damn pretty.
Oh man!
Oh man! Oh man, oh man, oh man! 8D So excited! Like... SO SERIOUSLY EXCITED! I loved the old one, like a lot. XD Go glad to see this giant dude again.
You with the freckles. XD I swear, the teacher is my favorite character.
June 12th, 2017
@sKIMERAs: Zilas! I hadn't even thought of that. Can a dead critter turn into a night beast? And if so, and it was, wonder if nightbeast Zilas would have any memory of his brother?
I don't know...
What I just read.. but I read them all... And faved... And will now wait for more...
April 30th, 2017
Blink and look confused.
The new map looks amazing! And has me intrigued.