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Huh... a short decription of myself? Let's see... my name's Chasyn. People call me Chase, Chas, and Syn. Mail lady called me Chastity once. I babysit and do massages. I like the colors red and black. I like the band Kamelot. I have their logo tattooed to my arm. Also like Michael Jackson, Adam Lambert, Edguy, AFI, Nightwish, System of a Down and a million other things. I sing, dance, write, and draw though not very well. Heavy into gaming. Vegetarian for health issues. Is that enough mindless information?

Favorite comic on here would be DeSTRESSING with Sharkteeth, Peter and the Wolf, Soul Eye, Devil's Shrine, Teahouse, and Paradox tied for a very close second. I have too many favorites.

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I am caught up again! Yay! 8D
Very curious about this puppers.
OMG. The eyes. XD
... Perfectpaw looks like he's actually smiling. It's... creepy...
Eh. I feel worse for the cat he called stupid than for him.
Giant Cat is Giant!
OMFG! I love Mintstar and Frostface! I wanna cuddle them!
Still the cutest thing ever.
*hasn't read comics in a while*
*forgets where he left off*
*shrugs and starts over at beginning*
I wanna stab him with his own horn. He seems like a butthead.
@Bughs: I... must... know... now... I can't wait! :(
She so pretty! Sorry to hear that your arm is sore. But if you wanna do another... Rosedust was a warrior girl of mine like 10 years ago. XD
No front legs, but he looks smug about it. Like yeah, "I ain't got no legs. But come at me! I dare you!"
Oh no! I would cry! I'm crying for yoy!
If you're ever interested in an art trade, I'd totally do art for you! Although I usually drop ponies.
Aw! Super fluffy and super timid! I just wanna hug him! XD. I can't wait until you have time to do more. I'd love to see what you'd do with a couple of my old Warrior characters.