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im a legal adult that still likes yaoi, plays a shit ton of video games, works, and still manages to make time for school.
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    Lilac Schwalb (Lillie)
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Blast to the past
so i followed this series while it was still in the making, and i just reread this entire story. i was talking about this story youve written to a friend that doesnt like yaoi, but she said shes currently reading it and absolutely enjoys it!

after finishing this for the third time, it still leaves a good feeling in my heart and thats when you know youve read a good story. is there any way i can buy this series still?

thanks a bunch! <3
a solid 4 years later and this page is still the greatest thing ive read up to date XD
so i know that rhea is the dominant one now....good twist girl ;)
that was very mean. good place to stop, but a huge teaser :C
oh man C:
oh god i missed the sex between them... <3
dat blowjob...
penis's..i like them when erect ;)
well shit...
the amount of awkward on this page isnt even describable...and i love the bottom two panels! the fact that theyre in color is just all the more better c:!
oh god this cant end well...
aahhhh whats he doing???
something bad's going to happen, i just feel it in my blood....
maybe there actually wasnt a party?
@twerdgirl8462: i see your point, but its just a comic...anythings possible in a story :)
examples: the twilight saga, the hunger games, harry potter and others that i fail to mention right this second..
i hope im making sense :/
they deserve a kiss after all theyve been through... :3
@Quadrant: I LOVE YOUR ICON <3
one of my favourite comics on smackjeeves :3
@squid14: heres the page if youre still confused...