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i drew all of these in an IR lecture one day
i'm pretty sure somebody else has made a joke like this but OH WELL
hi sorry for late updates / no updates

also visit my tumblr vvvvv here if you want to see more of my shitty drawings
in this episode mr tibbs does something that confuses edgar
Hi all, made you a six page mini-series thing for Valentine's Day. Consider it my official apology for not updating last thursday. BE MY VALENTINE INTERNET
The two stars are back! this is a new thing I'm working on expect big things a comin' in the coming weeks
I know this happened because I'm the aide in this comic pc comics is now autobiographical
new semester new comics BOOM
sorry I wasn't updating lately I got a new tablet obviously it's revolutionized my work
I'd like to pretend that the comic looks rushed because it's finals week but I really did pace myself with it
haha get it, because... *sob*
i had a way funnier comic planned but it was hard to draw
Happy thanksgiving everybody!
You should like, stare at this for a while 'cause it took me a while to make
I think I got a hernia trying to make this comic funny
a completely biographical account of pretty much everything I do in college
I've become accustomed to the Windows 7 MS Paint, much to my chagrin. It's fun though
This is a delayed reaction but I'm sad to see this comic stop updating! It had a lot of merit and I like your artistic and story-telling style, but I'll gladly give your new content a read now
i found you
this is it kiddies: the last update to Pirate Cthulhu Comics..! three-hundred and thirty three updates. thirty five fans (we've gained and lost an additional five probably), so that's a little more than nine updates per fan. we didn't really plan on getting popular and that's exactly what didn't happen, but it was great doing this for you guys and the support for the past two years was great. love you guys and see you around