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Cap'n Edgar
I'm really cool
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Hang tight y'all! Visit to subscribe if you wanna help support the show. Thanks for reading and helping the show out so far :)
thanks baby, just finished up with book two so pages on that are gonna be comin out soon (but hmu if you want a full pdf now ;) )
It looks like we got a couple of new followers since we started our page-posting spree last week — what's up!
This is really happening???
Hey folks,

so by some strange event we get a steady flow of readers on this site discovering this page, and well if you've gotten this far I should tell you where to read more!

While PC Comics is still Absolutely Dead-as-Hell(tm) you can read new comics by yours truly at! We're catching up on old pages right now for book one of this new series, but you can read the rest of the published pages at or read the whole thing now at!

follow me personally on for cool updates!

But regardless, thanks for your continued patronage (???), and I hope you enjoy!
Hello World!
This week starts an extravaganza of content where I'll be uploading pages each day of the first book of this new comic! If you're feeling antsy, you can of course catch up right now via (or get the whole comic now on our but otherwise stay tuned for pages all week!
i drew all of these in an IR lecture one day
i'm pretty sure somebody else has made a joke like this but OH WELL
hi sorry for late updates / no updates

also visit my tumblr vvvvv here if you want to see more of my shitty drawings
in this episode mr tibbs does something that confuses edgar
Hi all, made you a six page mini-series thing for Valentine's Day. Consider it my official apology for not updating last thursday. BE MY VALENTINE INTERNET
The two stars are back! this is a new thing I'm working on expect big things a comin' in the coming weeks
I know this happened because I'm the aide in this comic pc comics is now autobiographical
new semester new comics BOOM
sorry I wasn't updating lately I got a new tablet obviously it's revolutionized my work
I'd like to pretend that the comic looks rushed because it's finals week but I really did pace myself with it
haha get it, because... *sob*
i had a way funnier comic planned but it was hard to draw
Happy thanksgiving everybody!
You should like, stare at this for a while 'cause it took me a while to make