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My name is MarioMario54321. Call me MM for short! I like when people call me that. It avoids getting my name confused with the name: Mario. I'm a huge Mario fan! But I am also a huge Sonic fan. That is why I would like their worlds to collide in a video game other than the Olympic Games and Winter Games (any game that is Non-Sports themed).
Chapter Finale!
Mario and friends must find adventure before Wario and Waluigi do.
When Rabbits Fly?
More like when Bros fly! Or is it pigs?
To the skies!
The adventures go to the skies, but the Mario Bros. and the Sonic Duo split up.
The world is too small!
While Mario makes BIG clouds, he and the others find a BIG foot.
The house is too small but the rooms are to stall!
The Tainted Window
I'm sure it's just the glass on the window.
A Place to Stay.
Mario, Luigi, Sonic, and Tails all need a place to stay. Sorry this took so long. I've been busy.
Speech bubble text now in color!
Ok, I've decided it would be better if I used color text for the speech bubbles since it would match better, and sometimes avoid confusion over who says what. I also added shadow so that whatever color used doesn't blend with the background.
Mario finds a warp pipe.
And so it begins!
Mario has been accidently tricked, while Sonic and Tails take notice of something else.