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yeah guess how we feel about that :^)
we still out here
remember when this comic was still being updated? pepperidge farm remembers
what comes first: CLH update or HL3?
bruh 2012 was so long ago....
still waiting btw
i want to believe
i hate being patient :<
not for me
i'm gon wait here
Just so you know, we're still here and we're still waiting, X4I
Just for the record
Still waitin'
no Facebook group (at least none i know of)

i've put CHL in my RSS feed list and just klick it once every time i check them
i avoid missing a possible update this way
Any time now.....
Good news everyone! You just read that in professor Farnsworth voice!

X4I seems to be alive and kickin', he simply forgot how to an whole internet

KleineMeid will tell him eventually and we all might get doodles and cake in the end
i'm still here
Foxxx should be over there somewhere, Ninjahlink is taking a crap i think and KleineMeid is not answering my shouts out of the window, so i guess she's somewhere that is not here or over there

X4I seems to be playing super hexagon and keeps telling himself "only one more game, i know i will beat it this time"
it super, super definetly is
missed that one too
what about this one?