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Ok so im not dead ive just been bussy latly and It feels like ages since i've been on so's been a long year anywho i'm back YAYA!!!!
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    Just call me "G" or Mara or whatever just not my real name
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whaaaaaaaatttttt? lol but still awesome
Holy shiz! with a slit throut she STILL runs after him to kick his ass....I feel worry for her yet I kinda hope she catches him and Beats the sponge Nuggets outta him....lolz he ran like shit...then again who wouldnt she is pissed...
Looking back on this comic at that ooooohhh so gorgeious Wallis makes me wonder what Harold would look like in that style of art hmmmmmmmm :P
True that But he is Paid....and Even though Wallis is insanE I wouldn't mind ;) lol and Lol the body guards face HA!
Your comic is the most flippin colorful comic i have ever seen........I LOVE IT!!!!!!! lol Wallis is awesome with his mood swings
Awwwwwwwwwwwww so cute smiles happy aniversery hopefully someday youll be posting an actual centurary aniversery ;)
The rubber duck in the corner is so effin lucky he get front row seats to watch this lol
hahahaahahahaha this actually made me laugh
Interesting plot but i really like your art and their fighting poses. i am going to fav this for now.
SERIOUSLY i wish i was one of those fan girls now lolz
August 19th, 2011
SAY YES..lolz
haha the plant
AWWW soo cute true men do cry...this is offically my number one favorite comic ever :)
haha yes pink makes everything better
Love the cover and the information is very helpful as well as funny
passed out from laughter...nuff said
hahahahahahahhahahah....i think i just died from the hilarity
Holy shiz nits This page is super funny but scared the hels outta me at first cuz i thought i was hilusinating
haha reminds me how bad i am at golf :p