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I was trying to make them look bigger. (Like how in a cartoon when the eyes get larger) I think I'll redo them.

EDIT: Couldn't get the eyes to work the way I wanted, so I changed the pose.
Thats one big foot.
To all of the Ice Man fans reading this comic, he's going to appear again soon.
Which do you prefer
I decided to try something a little different with this one so I made it a little longer. And which do you prefer, an entire panel used for the credits (like in all previous comics) or the banner with the credits in it (like I used in this comic)?
After reading over this comic again after posting it, I realize that Megaman could've just dropped down off the ladder.
What happened to Police Man in this comic is karma.
I decided that instead of escaping on another cloud, Air Man would get his own jet adaptor.
Rush, out of all the games you've been in which is your least favorite?
And they just happened to be having their aerial battle above Dr. Light's lab.
Seems Megaman decided to jump after the guard joes arrived.
Air Man vs Tengu Man I think is a good matchup, especially since they both use torndao-based weapons.
And the first of the robot masters appear: Air Man, and (as he'll be referred to in the comic) Police Man.
I have something else planned for Proto Man.
Out of all the comics I've done so far, I'm the most satisfied with the way this one came out. I also think it was a good time to parody the X4 loading screens.
I think this comic explains why Protoman is so distant from Dr. Light.
I think this is the first time in a while where I don't have some sort of text in the 6th panel.
I kind of like the idea of Dr. Wily using a claw-modified saucer to choose the robot masters he uses.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, due to not being able to update yesterday, sometime this week there will be two updates in one day.
I think Auto could work on his insults, even though they did work.
Good guess, but you're not even close to what I have planned.

And with the spoiler-thing, I was just trying something out, but you have a good point.
From now on, the credits will be in the shorter style used in this comic. And thats all I currently have to say.