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It's the one and ONLY hitkid96fan in Smack Jeeves! except this account is older and is a alternate account...
I also accept Invitations to Sprite Comics (as long it isn't super-strict on rules).
I use GIMP to make my comics.
Please note I have a newer/alt account here:

Time Zone:
(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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@witswithme: Amy is color-blind if you ask me, So the hiding one won't work for Sonic.
@gsman243: Pay attention. There ARE some differences and the way you make the sprites could be questioned. Also there are going to be more sprites than this and which also calls for edits.
I should probably tell that Run and Sprint are kinda the same. But I wouldn't care anyway, also you are improving with your sprites after seeing the Sprint sprites.
I watch the Great Clement do LPs of the Mega Man and Sonic series. Its sometimes rare to see him die in the games (unless it is on purpose or a glitch). And to show how good he is. The Great Clement beat all 6 Robot Masters in Mega Man I with just the mega buster because he didn't know about the weapons until Wily Stage 1.
@Blumage16: Okay but you forgot the Doppelganger Races...(Fun Fact the DP Races are actually copies of your first run of the act and if you do so good then you will have to think fast to beat the DP).
I say the top is better but what I would do is put the Dramaticy Logo from the bottom in the top banner and you got a perfect banner.
You still need to do the Challenges to FULLY restore NGHZ (yes I have Sonic Generations on my PS3 and I 100%ed the game and have all trophies) also the white MXD Statue wasn't in the last comic! lol
@foxpuff: I added Amy because I am not letting the "Other Sonic" have a good time either.
I took a long time to make a update so I updated now.
Not the 2 Sonics you might of thought eh?
Imagine fighting 20 Metal Sonics in Sonic Adventure 2! X_X that would be hard (At least kinda easier then Biolizard)
@ChaoticTheHedgehog: Maybe they can be called 'Elemental Emeralds" (Unless that is what they ARE called).
I would of uploaded the improved ones but I am not finished with those so you get these instead.
*After Explosion* What was that explosion!?!? (Just like Sonic Heroes! XD)
Looks like Sonic needs to run faster then ever or he needs better shoes!
BTW I made this 2 weeks ago so it was meant to be uploaded earlier.
Hey look I see Shadow the Hedgehog! (the game cover not him)
Isn't the team and the Egg Pawns supposed to be on a flying platform with a Giant Casino Machine in the Background?

BTW you should see Sonic Heroes Uncut so you can have a better areas for the comic and in fact some areas from SHUC already are used in this comic!
@Matt the Fox: Let me a "Scary" place? (Yes I played Sonic Heroes and beaten all Stories except the Final Story)
Nah your ALL wrong! those Chili-Dogs are mine! *Grabs them* and I think nobody deserves these Chili-Dogs! *Teleports them into another universe* and I will go to my Refrigerator Universe when I am hungry again!