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I'm actually just a painter who wishes she could do comics...bear with me here
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All done!!
About time...
That took me way too long, I just got caught up in the novel. I'm writing the last chapter right now...very slowly.
I lost fans again...ce la vie...or however you spell that.

Again, I adjusted how I do the comic. I like shading it this way better. I like the boots mostly, heh.

Our main characters meet, ohemgee...and apparently they confuse each other. Hopefully the next page will clear some things up for them.
Ow, my head...
I hope this doesn't look as crappy for you as it does for me. I don't know why it keeps loading that way...oh well...

This is a sort of apology for not updating a lot lately. I was busy working on the novel. It came to a very important point and I just couldn't tear myself away.

Thank you for being my fans, I love you
Oh, the bickering of men...This is a novel first, and it seems everytime I rewrite this scene, Orion is more of a jerk and Sam responds to it it's just plain's okay, they get along better later on. They're friends, really!

On a different note, school starts this week, but I should be able to update as regularly as now. I'm starting pilot school next weekend, too... Yay. I'm excited.
I lost a fan...and they are so precious to a loser like it because I said "ass", is it!?!?!?! *sigh* I'll go recover now...*drags feet off with a mysterious bottle*
I apologize to my fans
I've been so preoccupied with the prequel to Squid(Stealth Addict) that I haven't updated in God knows how long. I'll try to be better, I promise.
So, as a little apology, I give you this preview/spoiler of what is to come! It's Orion and Kira, hmmm...what is he saying to her??? And why is he being so affectionately out of character?
Thank you!
I's nice to have encouragement after complaining about having none, heheh!
New Look
Hey, I'm trying out a new look for the comic, what do you think? Good? Bad? Please tell or I'll go mad.
I'm already going crazy out of need for encouragement...hinthint...sorry, I just saw my mom yesterday and she's a champ at discouragement
So sorry
Alot of crap has happened, happy holidays by the way and happy new year soon. Anyways, the next page should be up tomorrow, but I also have a lot of work to do this week and I need to make sure the punch stains from my brother don't show up(don't ask).

Until then, here's one of my favorite pieces of art for this storyline. It's Sam and Hana from later in the story. I know, it kinda feels like a spoiler, but after I finish this chapter, which is very early in the story, you'll realize that their connection is WAY obvious( I have seven chapters written of the story so far)..anyways, enjoy this art, looking at it and reading the excerpt from the story always makes me cry a little ( does that make me too full of myself?)
Ack! Finals week is here!...anyways, In the third panel, Sam is cracking his neck and the last panel is just landscape. Expect to see a jet o the next page....yeah, I know, finally.
He's kind of a's getting harder for me to write the pages of this first chapter, because it's almost embarassing how awful he can be...I know, I know, there have been much worse characters, I just don't like writing them.
December 10th, 2006
Yeah, he's not in this chapter...don't mind the blerb too much....anyways, this is the last page I did before I took a huge break from it, which I'm just now coming out of, so be prepared for vast artistic differences...probably
There shall be another this weekend...
I like doing this guy-centric manga...of course, Egan is kind of a dork, but that's beside the point...
I'm dissapointed with this page...
Oh yeah, a metaphoric cookie goes to anyone who can properly identify the outline of that jet, it's the one I'm going to base the design of the Guardian Angel off of.
Artist block!!!
And after this page, we enter my srtist block! Yay! So please excuse me for however long it takes to get out of my funk...
Another one!?
Yeah, I know, the updates are kinda fast, but don't expect that to last long, I just already had some pages ready that only need a little editing. The updates will slow down soon, I'm sorry to say.

Also, I know this page seems chaotic, that's kinda the feeling I'm trying to get across with it. Also, this is the opening for the series which makes the whole comic kind of a huge flashback thing. So, you won't entirely get this until the end, and who knows when that is...heheheheh...:P I'm just so evil...
Hey, thank you everybody for the comments and favs, I appreciate it. I'm dissapointed in this page, there's too much white, not dark enough. Maybe I'll fix it and repost, and I should probably make wordboxes, too, lol ^^;;
Yet another...
world in my head put onto paper. This is the beginning of all the comics I have posted besides My Paradise. It starts up in the middle of a war, so it's a bit darker than my other comics. Have patience with me, please. I will update as often as possible.
hello, welcome to my new comic! Thank you so much to those who have already commented and favorited, it mean a lot to me. If you can't read the note up there, this was inspired by the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
December 4th, 2006
Well, I decided to post again, been busy and a lame-brain, it's very hard work.
Actually, I'm getting ready for finals right now and I still haven't decided on my next classes...haven't decided on a major...but, I think my dad is going to let me take that flight class, yay! Anyways, I have little or nothing to say else...