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I'm an artist, comic maker, storyteller. I love to hear other people's stories, and share my own.
Replies to comments from the last page
<br>@SunshineMoonlight: Thank you!! :) Hahaha, I thought this page honestly looked a bit rubbish, colourwise until I saw how it looked on my friend's laptop and was like WAIT, THERE'S ACTUALLY COLOURS IN THIS PAGE?! WHOAA Haha thanks though!!

@Ang: Shhhhhh shhhh

@Eishiya: Ahhh thank you for pointing that out. u_u and speech bubbles are still my arch enemies, it seems.
Here's a larger version of that panel! :) It sorta looks crummy at 100% though heh. The spotlights and the little generator look especially terrible, hahaha.

@mildtarantula: Hehehe, did you remember the circus from the description? :D (he does, in fact!) And thank you!!!!

@Iron: Sorry there ended up kind of being one... :D He does sorta look like Danny Devito, doesn't he??? Maybe he is the bad guy??

@loserfish: Hahaha, it did. Thank you!!!!!!!

@ RainbowAurora: Awww that's really sweet, thank you. I sorta feel bad half the time because depression isn't really a physical aliment yanno so I feel crummy about not being able to update as much as I'd like to and making people wait so much. Thank you for understanding though, it means a lot to me.

@StellaCadente: This would be some of "them" heh! Thank you!
Unfortunately we're back to the other folks for now but we'll see more of them soon!
Hey remember when I said that there wouldn't be a hiatus?
And then when I said it'd be done by the first,
But it was done about a week later?

Geez, I'm sorry guys.
I feel really terrible, damn.
I hope you enjoy, regardless.

I swear I'm trying to get these out faster.
And yet even if I were to randomly appear and hug all their faces it wouldn't make things that more awkward. :D
OOOOOOOMGGG These two are my favourite couple jeez. Poor Rodney, Gosh. Derek is just he is just fantastic. sjhfsjdhfd I'm so happy whenever this updates man.
December 2nd, 2011
3.37: Awh Tristan's little sad face. :(
Cute little guy.
3.38: The top three panels here are awesome, but the bottom is my favourite! I love Kolya's face. :) I also continue to just love the way you write everything.
3.39 Awww This is really sweet in a weird way, gosh all your pages have just the right atmosphere. I love how ghosty Tristan looks, too.
3.40: Awwwwwwww, gosh this is really cute and sweet. Kolya was so worried about him. And I'm glad that there's some closure for both Tristan and Kolya here, Tristan with him mother and Kolya with Tristan. So good.
3.41: Oh no... What's wrong with Tristan's mom!? Also that last panel is kind of heartbreaking. ;_; Kolya you poor thing
3.42: The Shadow has a really cool design, even if she's tellin' him to shoo. :O Is Tristan possessed!? I love the way his dialogue is written here. You can tell he's not himself.
3.43: Aw froggy tristan, you cutie. Although the suspense of what he was warning her of will kill me. I do hope that Kolya does return even though Tristan says he won't.
3.44: I love Lumi in the first panel, dang she looks so pretty. Your compositions kill me with how well done they are<3
3.45: I must be dense, only now realising that the shadow puppet is a fake Sindri, heh. He's still really cool though!! I sort of doubt Sindri would actually come to her aid, though. Doesn't seem that nice of a guy.
3.46: Aha, so that settles that. Awwh Kolya, you poor thing, you just look so sad and worried. ;(
3.47: OooH, that return of Ulla! What a pleasant surprise. :O
The 1500 fans art is gorgeous sdjhfjkdg<3<3

4.1: This fellow, has a ridiculously awesome looking design.
4.2: Lumi has no shortage of cool lookin' dudes visiting her, even if she doesn't wanna see them. looks like. :D Hrmmm who could this be?? the other brother perhaps??
4.3: Ah!! He is! And he looks even more cool with his hood down. Dang what a cool lookin' guy. Cold, Lumi. Cold.
4.4: He seems like a sweetie! Either that or he's just really good at being cordial. She's ever suspicious of him though, for some reason.
4.5: DANG! He's even cooler than I thought, shapeshifting based on the person's perceptions of him, eh?
4.6: Ahaaa this is a flashback, I guess. I should have noticed it sooner when Suul was around. But I guess now I realise it because Suul's actually talking, heh.
This contest... I totally want to enter. What a neat character concept. :OO
Thank goodness there's a long enough deadline for me to come up with something.

ALSO I am sorry for not commenting in such a long while but, your comic continues to be one of my favourites. UuU I love reading it so much.
His shirt is amazing holy shit. I just love everything... about this.. Everything. I want to hug all their faces and make this really uncomfortable scene for them even more uncomfortable.
XD Omg, As soon as he burst through the door, I burst out laughing.
THIS COMIC, MAN. It literally cannot fail to make me laugh.
November 17th, 2011
9-3: Well hello there cutie on the bottom panel!
Fran looks really pretty all made up! It's a shame that Altan wasn't more willing to talk, it looks like Sath had something sorta important to show him...

9-4: Whooooa, they all look really attractive. :O

9-5: Joe what the hell is wrong with you. :( You are effectively sinking my ship and she looks incredible how can you even say that.

9-6: Oh... He's upset about Lynn? Well man, I mean forget her, Fran's way better but.. I guess I sorta understand. I love how there's the contrast of Joe looking all glum and then super cute happy Sathiana XD

9-7: OMG Satch you cutie. Altan, you can't just scare people like that, jeez.
He does seem kind of sick... what is he doing wandering around, I wonder. And I sorta wonder if he ate all the cake.... Hrmmm

9-8: Oh wow... that is ... kinda... terrifying and by kinda I mean really... dang terrifying. I guess Altan had a good reason for being there after all.

9-9: Oh man, they won't listen. :( Maybe Altan should just pretend like he's a crazed homeless person and scare them all out??? Photographer dude is gonna be so dead...

9-10: I am pretty sure photographer dude just sealed his fate. Oh shit... I sorry for the comments being kinda short here I'm writing as I read but I have to see the next page ASAP because I sort of have this sneaking dread


9-12: I hate to see Satch cry. :( Oh fuck no, everyone is dying oh holy shit GET OUT OF THERE YOU DUMB BUTTS HE IS GOING TO DIE AND SO WILL YOU SHGDHJDSFDFGB

November 17th, 2011
The chess set is really beautifully rendered wowowow and I like the shots of the games, it's sorta cute they spent the whole day just playin games, hahaha
Cute faces in the bottom panel, awh.

4.05: Poor Draco. :( Also, Alain that is a terrible idea, I have attemped it before, most people don't like to be told that their problems are not that bad and other people have it worse, although I guess Draco's problems are a bit different as they aren't rooted in self pity, heh.
ALSO, Alain's face in the last panel stands out it's so cute djkfhksdfg.

4.06: Awh Draco, you cutie. He's so considerate of poor "sick" Alain. :D I love Alain's trying to subtly get across that he is not sick.

4:07: Oh my god, Draco that is really BOLD. And ALAIN YOU ARE SIMILARLY BOLD!!!!! Dang Alain, how long have you been waiting to test this theory. ;)

4.08: Hahaha, oh Draco, you are really really adorable. I love the second panel, ahfg it's really sweet and intimate.
I love that Alain makes a crack about tomatoes and then everything is sexy time, it is much better than if they were both trying to be smooth, haha.

4.09: Oh man, Draco looks so shocked. Draco being a virgin makes a lot of sense to me, he doesn't really seem the type to have had a lot of relationships, especially of a sexual nature, since he's kinda goofy and seems to work a lot.

4.10: Ahhhhh so that's the reason, his brother! Aw Draco, you, you are really adorable, you know that? Dang Alain your face has been all sorts of attractive in these pages! That face in the final panel. Whaooo.

4.11: XD Omg his realisation face. Dang Alain gets right to business.

4.12: Okay so, Alain is definitely going to be in control the whole time, haha. it's kind of cute how surprised Draco is by everything, heh.

4.13: Ye olde time condom! :D Was that something people actually did back then?? Draco really handsome in this page. UuU

4.14: Dang!!! Your anatomy is so good!! The last panel is very nice especially. Sex aside, I really like how their expressions communicate so well with one another!

4.15: Man, this page is really really beautiful!! Their faces and the perspective and anatomy on the large panel it's all really wonderful!!

4.16: Aww, the face closeups are really cute. ;) They both look so happy.

4.17: Hehehe, cuddles. Aww, That last panel is super sweet. :)
And then I think back to the fact DANG, Alain killed Draco's brother and this is kind of messed up!! But still cute.

4.18: D'awwww this is a really cute page!! it's so domestic and sweet and I just like it a lot!

4.19: Aww jesus you two. Is it maybe kind of weird that I think just them being sweet and the hand holding is more intimate than sex??? Maybe, but I really like it. I love the hand holding page. I feel for Draco's parents... :( Poor folks. 's gotta be hard losing a son.

4.20: Oh man, I am just audibly "awwing" at this stuff all over the place, so cute. GOD Draco, you are literally the cutest thing.

4.21: Pffffffffffffffffffffffff, Draco's face in the third panel omg. This is hilarious. XD Oh god, and he's so confident about... fitting things inside his rear omg. this is so funny.

4.22: He is a world class masturbator apparently. He is like really proud of himself, wow good for you, Draco, all of the awards!
Replies to comments from the last page!
<br>@Iron: Aw, thanks! And who knows?? :O
@Obani: Awwwww thank you! Don't worry, I have NO PLANS whatsoever of giving this up until I've finished, I've just been dealing with a lot of crap lately.
@constant_boredom: Thank you!! And I'm glad you like it! :D
@mildtarantula: Ahhh ok! If you point out stuff that is off though, that is great too! I can always use the critique!
@ Ang: Hahaha, thanks. :D
@SunshineMoonlight: Aw, thank you so much!
@Tallinn: Hehe thanks. I'm really happy you like their body language I work really hard to try and get it right!! So thank you!
@PersephoneWatching: Well that's good! I'm glad other comics are coming back from the abyss too, maybe it's been sucking everyone in... Thanks!
@DribbledCarmelLaces: Awww, thanks! No! I really like your post! It's totally not nonsense! Speculation is great, hahah, But you are totally right, he should probably just listen, I mean, really, what's the worst that can happen??
@Mookie: Indeed!
MAN Ok well, the gap this time was actually shorter than last time! Which is good! And I am proud of! (Even if it was still WAY TOO LONG)

Man who are these dudes who came out of nowhere!? They can't possibly be related to what Dan was saying on the last page could they?! That'd be crazy!

Oh yeah! AND I forgot to mention, this is actually the last page of Chapter 2!! There will not be another hiatus before chapter 3 like I did before chapter 2 since I've been taking so dang long anyway!

Anyway, thanks for reading, guys!
It's hard having a porn stash. ;( It's hard and nobody understands. Poor Rod. I guess Danny isn't an expert relationship counselor after all, heh. This porn arc... is the best arc...
Hahahaha this continues to be one of the few comics that actually makes me laugh out loud, I love it so much, omg. XD
Danny: Relationships counselor.
Replies from the last page
<br>@Kermitsgirl: Thank you. :)
@Rararaccoon: Thank you for your compliments and patience!
@Neumi: Awww, thanks! I'm glad you like it, heh Panel 3 is my favourite too actually. :D I'm glad you think the perspective looks good! I'm really working hard on it. :)
@P!K: Awwww *return hugs* Dan is totally used to crashing in that bed, him and Chris used to be roommates in the past! He is pretty much in autocomfort mode there, makes himself as cosy as can be. And he does. Someone should burn it, but I doubt they will.
@loserfish: Aww ;___; Thank you so much I just thank you... and for understanding. Thank you.
@SunshineMoonlight: Hahaha, I will try! That panel was actually kind of a fluke, heh. I'm glad it turned out as nicely as it did though, thank you!
@Obani: Aw thanks!!
@Iron: Waugh oh man, thank you. *return hugs* I don't have any furball spitting flatmates no, just... a lot of... money issues and also... other... issues. Heh.
@Stella: Aw, thanks! I think the way you do backgrounds is great though too. There's always a great atmosphere with your panels and all. ;O
@MildTarantula: Hahaha, does he? I should take more care to avoid him looking worse every panel, ha. Thank you for your concern! It's not so much the comic feeling like a chore (I love it a lot and I really like doing it, it's just how I've been feeling getting out of bed feels like a chore, but still, thank you again!)
Hi guys. Sorry it's been like a month since the last update. I would go into detail about all the reasons why but forget about it! All that matters is I finally got this done.

Thank you all so much for your patience, I hope you enjoy it.
Barnaby no! Wweh it comes back and rips my heart out and I need to know what happens next!!
Poor Derek, Poor Rodney. No wonder he wants Danny to hide his porn stash. Derek's a sensitive guy, he couldn't handle the porn. :( I feel worst for Rodney though, porn is a hard thing to explain... as having it found wasn't awkward enough.

Also!!! I was really excited to see that this updated recently when I checked and even more excited when I saw that I had a lot of pages to read!!
D'aww. Also I think Rodney's panel 2 face is the best face ever. It is the absolute most perfect "So I see you found my porn" face. XD Poor Derek, Sometimes people just need porn that's different! I'm sure he still loves you!
I love the expressions and art on this page in general, in addition to cool lookin' dudes, you draw some sexy porno ladies. Awwwwkkwaaard.
XD Wow Derek seems like quite the character. Nice apron, bro!! Jesus poor Rodney, whatever did Derek find!? Some of the porn perhaps?! :O Poor Rodney he seems tired.
XD I am just sorta sitting here cackling, so awkward. I love Rodney's expression in the last panel. It's the perfect "we're about to flash into a flashback" face.