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Wow! A Pokemon World in which people CAN'T use any pokemon of any size wherever they want? Trippy.
Why is Atty acting like he knows him? I don't remember him.
Commander? Have we another military electric Gym Leader? Also, every bin in the game? Try every bin in the whole, sodding Pokemon World!
Yeah alright, Batman.
She's unsettlingly calm. I feel like she's going to explode at him at any second.
Still kinda looks like sex. At least foreplay.
It's not just you...
Bloody adventurers...
Loving those glasses.
Pleases me...?
I don't know if it's ok for me to imagine Atty changing in public, how old is he? Ugh, why do everyone in manga have to be so attractive!?
I'm a little lost as to what's going on... They were in Cerulean, talking about visiting the SS Anne, now it looks like they're in Vermillion, talking about getting back to Celadon? I feel like I've missed half a dozen chapters...
Taking something without giving something back in return!? MADNESS!
Those guys were the worst security guards in the history of the world. Each one could be bribed with a quarter of a bottle of water.
Who's a good fish!

Oh my god! First comment! There are so many people I want to thank!
Uh-oh, sounds like the sane people are onto Atty.
Oh God. I love Jenny way too much.
Jenny reminds me of Adam West's Batman. She needs an overly-enthusiastic sidekick. "Holy double bluff, Jenny!"
Nah, I totally see angry sex coming up for those two. Maybe preceded by a fistfight, like Captain Jack & John, but in reverse.
Uh-oh, looks like it's time for some highly selective Pokemon World justice!
One last matter?
Well... Look's like Atty's getting laid after all!