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i have a Dorian Grayesque fear of aging
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Aha oh my god! I love this comic to the ends of the earth
Maggie's face :D haha
i have nothing intelligible to say aha

i can't waittttttttttt for more :D
hopefully you get this published so i can hold it in my lil hands one day :D
Oh off to see Sindri! :D
I think I may be picking up a copy of circle while it's on sale...
AHHHHHHHH I love you and your comic so much!
April 14th, 2011
Ala, so much cute hairstyles!
TailsFox has a point: FREDDY GOT HER!
Gosh I love your comic an awful lot! I hope you finish it and decide to publish it so I can buy a copy and hold it and take it everywhere and... haha :D
your storytelling is so engaging!
also i love the way you draw blonde eyelashes~
I'm so bloody excited!
Animayhem is ridiculously fun to read :)
Hey there Mr Creepy looking! aha :D
i love the line 'she is growing up but not a grown up'
lovely comic!
December 18th, 2010
congratulations :)
also: agreed! can't wait to see her wares~
oh my god i just found your comic and it is made of delightful magic and win! actually so amazing that i cannot wait to the last page to comment so i have to COMMENT RIGHT NOW
December 10th, 2010
miserable face is lovely!
please don't give up!
this comic is beautiful eye candy and i think the story is really interesting and is only going to get better!
even if it takes years please please keep going :D
haha :D
people who don't like drugs and alcohol are the massively inbred retards~