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I'm Ki, a 23 year old guy who likes to sprite, draw, play videogames, read manga, and all that jazz. I haven't made sprite comics in a while and am planning on getting back into that. I think the Sonic Sprite community is a lot bigger here than it was on DrunkDuck, so I hope to get to know a lot of the Sonic Spriters around here and learn from you guys! ^^
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    Ki Wilkins
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Thought he was gonna say he wanted to me a marine for a minute there
June 8th, 2014
Man... I feel bad about hating her now :c

Also, Congratulations on 100 Fans!!! :D
A new page! :D Liking the new site layout, too!
Seoooooooo! Fighting for online women since 2012!
Not much fighting in this page sadly, but next page is fights! MORE FIGHTS! AND EVEN MORE FIIIIIGHTS! (ipromise)
@super chao: Well then YOUR IN LUCK! :D
Giant boomerangs, also great for defense!

Also not sure if you noticed, Raz threw is Onyx-Rang upward in the last page... yeah...

Next page: Fighting! Then more fighting! FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHT!

(Also I found my Smudge plugin for panel)) WOOTS!)
*Playing with my Pichu* ... Huh? Oh, update!
Cutting a guy off mid-sentence can really piss a guy like that off! Trent_NR and Lymle_Lee V.S. Raz-Hogga!


Not sure, but I think for the "fight fights" I wanna make the pages twice as long to fit a good bit of the battles on a single page instead of like 7-8 panels worth of action without much dialouge... We'll find out next week!
??? used Hyrdo Pump!
Raz-Hogga enters the scene!

Raz was also in the original as "Razerhog" and used fire-based attacks. In this version, Raz uses a variety of boomerangs to cause online destruction... and now he's also Australian... yeah...

Just oooooone more page and the fight, BEGINS!

@SolarSpriter: Thanks! Doing the panel diversity's a bit difficult, but i'm getting use to knowing which panel size to use for certain parts in my script. c:
And we're back! ^O3O^

Just like in the previous SAOA Comic (the one from a couple of months back) Seo goes afk, leaving our hero to go through some "INTENSE TRAINING"... kind of. Just a couple of more pages before we get to the main fight of the chapter!

Stay Tuned!
Yeah... it's been a month since the last page update... so sorry guys! ;~;

But, Hey! New page'll be up Friday :D
Anywho, I've finally gotten around to slightly (It's not even that noticeable... I think..) revamping Seo and adding some more fighting poses (Cause he really needed it) I'll also be workin on the others (Definitely PZ) after Seo's all squared away.

Name: DuneDugger
Nickname: Dune
Class: Burrowing Fist
Level: ???
Species: Mole
Element: Earth
Weapons: Fighting
@darkthehedgehog53: Dang, beat me to it XD
Guess he'll never play SABO anymore! That'd be right! Quite a rip snorter of any attack he did there reckon... australian slang...

Should have my internet back by Saturday! :D :D :D :D :D

For a second there, I thought Spik was gonna say he hates Mondays