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I come on here once in a blue moon. I also rp, so I guess if you want you can message me?
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It's not his...I know it. :|
I like hips the most. >.<
But yeah, NICE boobs are nice. :3
I've actually been asked that question up there XD
He looks so cute. ;-;
Dear God.....
srsly? thats awesome... o.o

I like dat ass. 8]
Oh god. I should be upset by this.....but

He looks way too freakin cute. o.o
Haha, LifeLess_heart

Thats the same thing I do!~
I was right...he was hit...But if it WAS by a would have broken his me. >.>
He's lying...I know it. It was his wife...huh?
That bob squish thing is like something I would do...XD
And I'm a girl. PFFT.

I love this comic too much.
It looks like he got hit. :[
He sounds like a girl...and is dressd like one. >.>

I'm worried. XD

Thanks. I don't actually think I've fav'd anything from there before....XD
And I've been here a while. XD
y-y-y-you should treat us...and give us one more page today. ;-; please? ;-;

I thought there would be so much more. TT3TT
FFFF- I can't find the Fav
June 13th, 2011
one more page....PLEASE?! could you Klaus....Bad! -throws magic rock at him-
You know...he didn't answer the question. :]
I can't stop laughing...I swear..your the best.
Hinata? o.o?