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I tend to play to many video games and I can't draw but somehow I still manage to come up with ideas for stories. I like to read novels,manga,and ect. You know the normal stuff. lately I've been looking for a good zombie manga/book. So far I have only found one, however it was criminally short... But I'm always on the lookout!
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did anyone else see that for once Fel had real stripes and not *stripes* on her body?
hey welcome back. you know waitin aint so bad as long as better now. i would have waited longer because your such a great guy.
Good luck we will miss you
haha i do the same thing
haha i dont organize i "clean"
also R.I.P. Irvin Kershner
My condolences as well hope you feel better soon.
pie? THIS IS CAKETOWN!!!!!!!!
This is the best i cant stop reading it the depth is amazing!
hmmm halo and fallout i wonder....