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I just love the way you chose to do those twins! <3 much love <3
@Human: I though the same!
no no no D: Vanilla why? :(
At least it makes me think Herz is not in so bad state as I thought when I saw the empty pill bottle...
Also... that thing can't be good for normal humans to consume D:
oooh! know I remember! XD I felt so silly last page for not recognizing the angel...
I wonder how would "I" see them? :O
geez I feel like a whitey... even tho Im latina... I didnt notice the dreads either u.u
@Halo: psst, hey, ILU :3
awwww just awwww <3
e...even in Argentina? are there angels linking over here? do they speak spanish? :<
I can't believe I didn't notice her name is Teresa. She is Mother Teresa! xD
@nobody: Soy Homo sounds so funny to me, cause in spanish "soy" its "I am"
el gran triangulo...
aaaaaaah! nooo! you two were doing so well!!
I'm so happy!
It's so nice to see more and more things being shown now! everything is going so fast. So many people are leaving coments here and on the other site! so many fanarts! it's so great!!!
@kymyit: you'll have to get the bonus material for all the love... or go to tumblr *wink wonk*
@Kyle H: Don't worry. As a long time reader I can asure you the plot really... REALLY thickens...
Jurrasic lmao
Finally! let the yaoi start and leave the stupid plot for later! :D
the eggs...
Yes Yes All the YEs!!!!! finally we get to this topic, my imagination is going wild!!!
aaah!!!! this must have something to do with the time when he got stabbed in the belly by the tentacle monster! D:
ikd why but I keep thinking the girl pushing the weelchair is you Milky
This page looks great! your colouring style is great arswiss!!
Its so weird seeing the charas in your style tho :O
what could be the word hidden behind Hirn's dialoge??
one that comes to mind is "bonding" dunno... (though is kinda long to fit in that space...)