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hey guys,
so yeah, my name's mooduh, which is short for sheekaamudhavallilakshmivenugopalan. yes that's my full name. anyhow, i'm just kinda here. annnd i really don't know what to say, so just ask me and i'll let you know.
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well now he just feels like crap.
i love his face though :D
le gasp!
we forgot all about that.
silly boys making us forget. >.<
:D awwwwwwww so concerned!
awwwww i love james! he should transfer to school with her. just to make it more complicated when she falls for unnamed hot lover boy.
oi sibling rivalry.
is that her and james in the last panel? cause she looks REALLY short next to him.
and the page is def. passable.
LOVE THE PAGE. the artwork is phenom!
....whats going to happen?
i love the second and last panel :D
ooooo loving teh new art :D and the new charecter. james reminds me of boy. boy makes it sad whenever we have to leave. yay for being 3000 miles away....NOT >.<
booo. sad face. silly kai.

p.s. i've missed the awesomeness. :)
LE GASP! the plot thickens!
.....can i be in a room alone with them????????? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
:D love it.
stupid fan girls >.<
awwwwww so cute!
awwwww he's acting like he cares! he's warning her!!!! AWWWWWWWWWW oh! and he's implying that there's a tomorrow for her....YAY! HE'S NOT GONNA KILL HER!
because you want to jump him and say screw the concert and just go and get to know him much much better XD

there is NO way in hell he's gonna kill her now.
awwwwwwwwwww pretty! i love it! you dress the boyfriend like that??????? XD it'd be much appreciated on both ends! XD i agree hes hiding something! <_< >_>
ooo love the clothing! XD another page? pwease?
LIAR! he WANTS to go!