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A long-time Pokemon & comic fan, and an amateur artist. I plan to start a Pokemon comic soon.

Also an avid gamer & Minecraft fanatic.
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    Sean Radwanski
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@wewkitty: No, there's a slightly purple stripe on all 4 panels.

Anyways, this Club Hate seems mischievous...
October 5th, 2010
Slooooow stooooorrrry proooogresssioooon...
Not that I mind in the slightest. XD

Hope nothing goes wro-
Crap, 3 people said that already.
Um... (statment)*4, then?
I actually find the new pokemon intriguing. While most look odd, there are several cool looking ones. But, myself, I'm more of a person to look at the pokemon types, moves, and such. Some of the combinations they've made with the types certainly seem interesting...

Also, I really want to find out why that one pokemon (gah, can never remember the name) is listed BEFORE the starters, as Isshu #000. That's a number role that's previously been reserved for the late-and-great MissingNo...
September 16th, 2010
Yay for egg chairs.
Well THIS is certainty not what I thought the conversation would lead to. I had a million other theories, and this was not one of them.

So, what will be so important about talking to a math teacher...?
September 14th, 2010
"I'm Your Mother, Dear."

That's all the explanation mom's ever need for ANYTHING. :3

Also, this update sneaked up on me. But I'm glad it did, or else there would have been no update. :D
September 1st, 2010
Always the emo, Eric. ^^
August 17th, 2010
Remind me not to get on Vivian's bad side. XD
August 6th, 2010
Well, it looks nice, and is nice to see, regardless. :D

Matchmaker program? OoooOOOOoo!!

Also, playing cards/games always makes me feel better, too. :)
August 6th, 2010
Shatter Band?
As in Scott Pilgrims's Shatter Band?
If so, nice reference. ;)

And nice word bubble on panel two. Me likes. :3
Thinkthinkthinkthinkthi*brain brakes*
Hmm... It almost seems like they're talking about another "Team" there.
Of course, knowing me, I'm a 1,000 miles off.

You got me curious, now. Can't wait for more updates! =D
Hey, who every said Club Love could only help STUDENTS? ;)

I like the Title page. nice job. Gota love blue! XD
It is a cool looking Pokemon (the coolest of the new starters, in my opinion)... but I ALWAYS go with water. ;)

And Smugleaf is an awesome name. =D
"Blah, Blah, Ve're taking over the vorld, Blah..."

I laughed my head off.
What does that manliest man remind me of?...
Maybe the most intesting man in the world?...
A beer commercial, maybe?...

I liked that part, though. ;)
Nice Willow
Will it be love?
Of friend?
GAH! I can't choose a prediction! Too many possibilities!
<system overload>
<system shut-down>
I was sad when I heard Nation Dex was "ending."

Hopefully my future pokemon comic doesn't
follow the same unlucky fate.

On another note... UPDATES!!! YAY! =D

Edit: Mr. Zombie, the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie only covers Book 1 (season 1) of the cartoon.

Edit-Edit: Fix the editing craziness. ^^;
June 17th, 2010
Well, this is potentially problematic...

And I like the book peaking Cora too. ;)
That was an EPIC swear.
<Saves for use in future PKMN comic...>
Oh boy...
I would hate to see what Mewthree would do to poor Garret...

And I finally caught up with the comics! Yays.
Wow... he's all over the place, ain't he?