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Rambunctious kid at heart who likes to write, draw, play video games, and cause genuine mayhem with my husband and better half.
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On that note… we have the end of the prologue!


I hope you've all enjoyed the prologue! I am so excited to start storyboarding for chapter 1... we get to meet a whole slew of new characters soon!
Fianna decides that her best course of action doesn’t involve her staying put. There’s a big world out there, and it’s about time to find her place in it.
The sun sets as Liam draws his last breath, and Fianna takes a private moment to mourn the loss of her father.
Fianna’s got a lot of… complicated feelings about her childhood. For many reasons. Liam knows this, and has always done his best to support her, and help her learn to deal with it.

But he knows his time is fleeting… and he knows his daughter is strong.
Liam is left with a moment of clarity in his twilight hours, and uses it to pass on some words of wisdom to his daughter.
Even those who seem invincible to us… in the end, even they don’t have the will to continue the fight forever. Liam and Fianna share a comfortable silence as they watch the sun set over the sea.
Watching a loved one fight a losing fight, knowing there’s not a thing you can do to help… its a battle no one should have to face.
Time does indeed go on, and we get a glimpse of Fianna as a young teenager, and her father… who seems to be feeling more and more of the repercussions from the fall of Amadah.
Time passes… and things move on… but do the wounds ever really heal?
With a moment to themselves, Fianna asks the question she really didn’t want to know the answer to… but deep down, was pretty sure she knew anyway.

Liam does his best to comfort her, the two of them the only things left in each other’s lives.
While Liam maneuvers himself toward a nearby tree for support, Fianna tries to be a big girl and dismount the horse herself. Don’t worry, she’ll be fine.

She then goes to join her father and the two take a quiet respite.
Liam realizes that the expulsion took more out of him than he initially thought, however he puts on a brave face for his daughter in order to not worry her.
Liam pockets the orb, and he and Fianna get the heck out of Dodge, but it looks like they didn’t manage to leave ALL their problems behind them.
Liam and Fianna take a moment to observe the remains of the place they once called their home… now nothing but a smoking crater with bits of magical remnants floating in the wind.

In the remains, Liam finds the orb that Willow used to drain her brother’s power. While it seems that Orpheus vanished on the wind along with everything else… keeping that orb safe is probably still a pretty good idea.
The shockwave is gone as soon as it arrives, and as her father’s shield around her drops Fianna attempts to help Liam recover… but it seems the damage may already have been done…
We see that Fianna’s rescuer is, in fact, Liam, who managed to catch the girl and shield her with his magic in time to protect her from the force of the eruption.

As for completing the same for himself, however… it seems he didn’t have quite enough time to do the same. Ergo, that force is going to do quite a catastrophic number on him.
As mentioned, all that excess power has to escape somehow, and boy does it… in a catastrophic shockwave on a raging tear to destroy everything in its path… which now includes little Fianna.

She panics, but before she can react she’s grabbed and shielded… but what does that mean for her rescuer?
The power fully stripped from Orpheus, the Void finds that it no longer can contain a hold on him, and the connection severs.

Unfortunately, the process drained Willow… entirely. In the process of giving up her own life to save her brother and push back the Void, she used the last bit of her power to fully cleanse her brother’s magic inside the orb.

However we’re not out of the woods yet… all that excess force and energy have to escape SOMEhow… but how?
Willow is deaf to the Void’s pleas, and begins the process of stripping her brother’s power away from him, cleansing it and housing it inside a crystal orb. In doing so, the hope is to be able to strip the Void’s hold from Orpheus completely.

As stated on a previous page, this is not a process unknown to Faierikin, but it is not a pleasant one. Nor is it something one should attempt to do on their own. Faierikin magic can be volatile enough as it is, but attempting to push all that power through only one person is VERY MUCH NOT ADVISED. After all... that force has got to expend SOMEwhere...
The scene pans back to Orpheus and Willow, and we see that when cornered… even entities who are nothing but darkness will resort to begging and pleading... too bad it falls on deaf ears.