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Rambunctious kid at heart who likes to write, draw, play video games, and cause genuine mayhem with my husband and better half.
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@Koal: This one is also working just fine on my end. Not sure what to tell ya.
@Koal: Works fine on my end. Maybe try refreshing the page?
So I wrote some things. Here are the things. Seriously though, words are definitely not enough to say what I feel, but they still needed to be said.

Thank you all, again. I hope you enjoyed the ride that was 'Staff of Power', and I hope to see you in the future when my new project comes to light <3
Well, what else is there to say except for... here we are.

September 7th, 2004 was the first day that Kikoli emailed me the first page of what would later turn into a huge part of my life for a very significant part of time. 'Staff of Power', like myself, was a much different animal back then, and through the years as I have grown as an artist and a writer, I like to think that it did as well.

You guys who have stuck with me through everything... I don't know what else to say other than thank you so SO much for doing so, and I hope the ride was worth the time and effort you put in to hop on it.

You guys who are new to the ride and are just getting comfy, thank you as well for hopping on, and I hope it was a good ride for you all!

This does not mean the idea of 'Staff of Power' is done. I have several fics of post-story events that I can put up, as well as plenty of unfinished art scattered around as well. That being said, I have also started laying groundwork for a new completely original story, and when that comes to fruition I hope to see a lot of you once more.

Until then, from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU.

*there will also be a small page following this one that has proper 'thank yous' written on it in a much more sane manner*
Link makes his thoughts known, as does Serenity... and a mutual understanding is reached.
Friggin. Cute. Ass. Nerds.
Link... also makes a good point. Also fluff <3
She uh... she makes a damned good point.
Link does his best to comfort Serenity, but it seems she's had quite some time to think these things out...
The loss of a Keeper is hard on any tribe... even moreso when that Keeper basically raised you for the majority of your life.
Link attempts to light-heartedly move the conversation forward... but it seems Serenity is still (rightfully?) stuck on a very specific situation.
After everything that's happened, Link and Serenity finally get some time to have a conversation... and in true form it starts as the dorkiest thing ever and I love it.
The night goes by in a whirlwind of food, drink, and camaraderie... and eventually our heroes both need a breath of fresh air.
Princess Zelda gives a pretty heartfelt speech, and the crowd seems to be into it... however our heroes seem to not share that sentiment. I can't imagine why.
As Princess Zelda calls our heroes forth, we see a change of clothing! Bear in mind, these two haven't seen each other in two weeks either.

Serenity's dress is based on the design of a dress she wore in the old OLD version of SoP. I decided to pay homage to it here :3

Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers! Have a great day, and don't eat TOO much now! ;)
The celebration comes to a slight standstill, as Princess Zelda has to do the thing.
While celebration is the main theme of the night, let it be known that those who gave their lives for the greater good are not forgotten.

Meanwhile, in the Castle, another celebration is in play. Many denizens of Hyrule are rubbing elbows with each other (along with their leaders).

This also includes many OC's! Like... a LOT of OCs omg, I'm not even kidding. You guys, this page was hell to work on. Like... I stopped on it so many times and it gave me hella art block after I got it done I tell you what.

OC list: Nimue, Garland, Kaythenia, Princess Vol(vagia), Beau, Stella, Robyn, Jane, Elias, Fern, Kamaro, and Sage/Krys belong to their respective owners. I love you all but damn I am a lazy typer so here we are! XD
We open with a two-week time skip (see what I did there?), and recovery has been a slow and painful process. Therefore, the Princess Zelda has decided to hold a massive celebration, to honor those who fought (and died) for their homeland.

You might notice some interesting characters on this page, mainly the two that have round ears. Those are myself and my husband (who has supported me through this entire hot mess of a project. Seriously if anybody's going to be blamed for this finally being finished, it's him) Also our 'fur family': Maxx (the cat up on the roof), Jal (the chinchilla on my husband's shoulder), Archie and Digby (the doggos having fun on the ground).
And finally... we begin the epilogue. As always we have a nice basic cover, just something that sort of summarizes the feel of the situation.

(As we begin the epilogue, let it be known that it has been one year since I lost you Archie, my fuzzy little boy. Not a day goes by where I don't miss you in my life. I miss you so much it hurts)