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Rambunctious kid at heart who likes to write, draw, play video games, and cause genuine mayhem with my husband and better half.
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Despite the somber situation, the indifferent sun still rises, giving light to a brand new day... and the start of recovery and rebuilding for many.

--And with this moment, 'Staff of Power' proper is now complete. There will be a two week posting break before the epilogue launches, which will update once a day every day until it is complete--
Chapter 7 proper comes to a close on a rather... bittersweet moment.

(Splash page will come next)
We see what happens when a Faierikin passes on... and from there even how a red fairy develops.

... but it wasn't worth the price ;_;

Part of the blame goes to my bestie Sarah as well. She drew and colored this one. I'm not even sure how we decided to do that since it's not a '100 page' celebration, but I'm pretty sure it was something about ripping hearts out, so there's that.

Also wicked sorry about the late update today. Our internet literally just came back up after being down all day x.x
*whistling innocently, pretending like nothing is happening*

*is in firm denial*
*is firmly planted inside her hidey hole*
@Timeheart: She was shot several times back at the beginning of the chapter.
We see exactly why Stella was in such a rush, and-- no, you know what? I'm uh... I'm gonna just... go over here now. I forgot I have a uh... a thing to do at the place. So. Yeah.

*goes and hides*
Stella breaks through the crowd, grabbing the attention of Serenity and Link. Before either can question her, however, she's on the run... to where I wonder?

OC list: Stella belongs to my friend Sarah and is used with permission.
Our view changes back to the aftermath on Hyrule Field, where the mood is rather somber as the survivors begin to load the deceased onto carts.

At the sight of Link and Serenity, a hearty cheer arises... but it looks like the moment won't last long...

OC list: Beau, Robyn, and Kaythenia belong to my pals Moni, Kate and Coral respectively and used with permission)
As they begin to make their way from the Temple of Time, the Staff of Power vanishes, its power going to lie dormant in Serenity until she calls on it once more.

After, the two take a moment of respite to themselves, happy to still be alive.
With good-byes done, Venus and her familiar depart for the Sacred Realm, leaving our companions on their own once more.
Now that the dust has settled here... it's time for Serenity to say good-bye to an old friend.
The Temple of Time (and the market/town proper) are restored to their former glory, and Queen Venus lends some words of wisdom to Link.
As Venus begins to cast her spell, a familiar friend shows his face once more... and also shows his power level o.o

Between the two of them... bye bye ugly tower!

Also my birthday is tomorrow. That's not relevant to the page, but I just wanted to say that XD
Aspect of Power doing... Aspect-y things!
A victory never feels like a victory at the time, especially when it seems like so much is lost.

However, maybe there's at least SOMETHING to be done...
As Queen Venus offers her thanks, it seems Serenity is a still a bit focused on the task at hand.
As Dimitri departs, Link and Serenity are left with a very uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomachs.

However, before that can be addressed, it seems we are coming face to face with Queen Venus, the Aspect of Power, now free of her chains.
Dimitri does what he does best... be a cocky, cryptic little shit, and after a rather vague-yet-worrying threat, he is gone on the wind... off to have a little 'chat' with his new prisoner.

Extra update... Happy Labor Day! :D On top of that... HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY, 'STAFF OF POWER'! <3