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Sorry about the lack of updates. Going on holiday makes inking difficult. To make up for it, here are 12 I just finished
Still playing Borderlands 2, so guess which character. I hate his voice so much. If I have to go through that intro again I might just mute the TV.
This is how it feels most of the time. My lines for these comics all seem really wobbly. I'm getting better.

Would you guys like to see some more painted stuff? It might be nice to break stuff up.
I forgot what this was a reaction to. Windows 8 maybe. Too early for XBone and too late for their data-harvesting on my Xbox account. Could have been when they forced us out of hotmail and into outlook.

They really do suck quite frequently. Linux looks more and more shiny by the day.
Funny, I just started another play-through of Borderlands. We're not this far yet, but Dr Zed is a great character, he needs more lines.

Some music to go with this comic
Hey, I'm not sure if I messed up the upload schedule. The upload dates look wrong on the list, but then they look fine on the pages.

Has anyone else had this? We work our way through a series on DVD in the evening, and we get these strange fake-christmasses where... as explained above. Strange coincidence I suppose. But then the comic seems to have taken a Christmas-ey tone for a few days.
You really are taking the concept of 'selfies' to a new level :-p
The Man From Uncle films are great. They should probably be classed as comedy, but that's what makes them so much fun.

Also the music is really catchy
Beowulf was also an old man by that point. He was basically going out in style
You know when you have a hole punch that's been used on pretty much every handout since you started uni, and then it falls on the floor... open?

Yes, that
Er, um. These kids might have wound me up a bit
Welcome possible reader. I hope you bother to stick around. :-)
I've found that every playthrough has one of these dragons. It moves city each time. Last time it was Whiterun, now Solitude.

I'm more worried about the one that's stuck through my house. It's head is in my garden, its tail is poking out my entry hall.
Hmmm, so many possibilities opening. Possibilities of cosplaying Hawke like this.
Well, Tolfdir is pretty useless.

He's an alteration trainer who only teaches three spells (at least when I was playing before). He also left his alembic under a table and refuses to let me return it.
I only stopped reading comics for a couple of months.

What happened while I was gone? It's all over :-(
Am I the only person who noticed the first speech bubble is said by both of them?

Just saying...

That would explain why she refused to leave the ship on Korriban
My cat does this to me all the time. Sometimes when she's in the room, and doesn't even want to leave.

But then, I did train her to stand in the kitchen balanced on her back legs so maybe it's her revenge. (Not on purpose, she does it on her own)
Didn't he just get a new face, now he's going to blow it up?