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thank you for finally making my mutate it looks just just no. it is not cute it is evil
somebody should try a blaziken, rayquaza, arceus, and origin forme giritnina
how busy with idea's are you guys? because i have a hard one
it somewhat reminds me of my life.
i have an idea try blaziken arceus rayquaza and origin forme giritnina
what else can the cat do?
... it doesn't really make sense yea sure he has his hands are down his pants but still.
LMFAO. i am crying because of that. ;_; lol
i have an idea for all the authors.
origin forme giritinia
tails is a three tailed fox from sonic the hedgehog stuff. so he says dead men tell no tails. in other words he cant talk to tails
do you guys have anymore idea's for a mutate?
OMG ADORABLE IS RIGHT. it looks like a cubone, rapidash, nidorina, and something else
that looks like it is having a laughing fit ^_^
Holy crap how long did that take you?
Blaziken, Raquaza, Arcues, and Giritina plz
i would so want that one for any of the games that would be so awesome
it kinda makes sense because dracula can become a bat and so can bruce Wayne