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My name is Katie. I'm 17 and I still play Pokemon with my friends. xD I'm a senior in highschool and will graduate in May of 2011. My paper at school is full of doodles and scribbles. I love to draw my animated self and Pokemon. ;D I'm very easy to get along with and am not an Internet troll. :P
I am madly in love with Scott Ramsoomair and Natalie Dee. Their webcomics are my favorites. xD I am apart of the Pokemon Frustration collab and don't plan on making any of my own comics. Mostly because I would never update. xD PM me if you want constructive criticism or just want to share some of your work with someone. I am very open to reading whatever you want to show me! :) I also make banners/graphics, and have an extensive four year history in doing so. If you'd like something, send me a sample of the work in a PM and I will be more than happy to make you something! :D Don't be a prick; this is the Internet.
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Ive missed you, lucazke! xD
and PXD... anyhoozle.
Bahahahahah omg I love this x'D
.... :D
aaaahhhhhhhhh ^~^
my male betta (nee 8-Mile) just made his first bubble nest and Willow (my ginormous king-female), I noticed has an egg on her o.O I WANNA BREED THEM. T.T but my friend bred hers and they all died. :o YAY BETTAS :D :D :D <3
Horror stories 8o
Many a frog escaped back when we had an aquarium. Oh god we'd find them everywhere... it was really traumatizing lol
Happy Belated Birthday! :'D
lol its like an aquarium in her room (she also has 3 hermit crabs and a regular tank with a couple fish) xD there WERE snails but the fish ate them o.o
my snail just died as well...
oh jebus they arent hardy... good thing they're so cheap ;D
Like I said on Frustration...
Love you~! :D
And your fish tank comic. :)
You remind me of my friend. She seriously gets a new fish every weekend.
And she has like nine bettas. o.O
whoo hoo!
congratulations on this milestone :)
I'm a new fan of Hetalia and Tony's little hair swirl reminds me of Italy in that series xD
ANYWAY....(-hoozle) *shot*
love the update :D :D :D
Lickilicki D:
(don't know if I spelled that right xD ahh but I digress)
I love this!
I love your comic! :D
xDDD love it
update :D
YAYYYYYYYYYYYY xD I love your facial expressions ;D
Bring on chapter one, Lucazke :D
I love both styles :D The old font has just grown on me :'D
can't wait for chapter one to start!
It reminds me of the simpsons, which I love :D just like they have a new opening with each new episode, it'd be cool if the banner changed :D
That was a mighty quick change... xD
I am in love.
With you and your webcomic, Fluffy. <3
and I will have your children xDDDDD lol JK
anways, yes. I am madly in love with Purple xD Your faces and poses are quite...
Well, in short, I about wet myself laughing at them.
keep up the good work! :D :D :D