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I enjoy snowboarding and drawing manga. Right now i am working on Evil blood. its a lot of fun. getting to draw my character! if any of you have watched the movie dark crystal... its amazing....i think im in love with fizgig........weird but hes so cute with his 180 degree opening maw....awe
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    Mikayla Adams
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virginity!!! anyway i hope to be able to buy one soon. the book. XD
love ur work. keep it up. ^_^
November 25th, 2011
I love this. omg. please pleas make more!
hmmmm...somewhere in the Pacific North West??? :D

... probably not...but hey, i gave it a shot right?
Okay guys so im super sorry i havent been posting for a LONG time. but i also dont have access to Photoshop. so its either going to be sketchy or you might not be able to read the words. but i will try my best to make everything neat. and i dont know if ill have super frequent updates, but ill try to keep it a t once a week.
ooooooohhh..... delicious unrequited love
random falling kisses are indeed the best, but stalkers are better
im not quite sure how thats a win...but its odd none the ledd.
whyyyy dooo you have to make it such a heart wrencher! i loooove it! hurry out with the next chapter!
well, i think the 1st panel looks amazing, you did a fairly food job on the angle. the limbs are suposed to look a little off in those kinds of views so dont worry about it, you will improov later on if and when you see something that strikes your eye and you will learn based on that. so look up some pictures, perhaps you will get some ideas. And keep up the great work. <3
an update
yepyep i know, took me fer days...haha. but this is fan art. lol.
thanks to everyone who fav'd this webcomic. i greatly appriciate your liking of it. i try to work really hard. fel free to give me your feed back. i really enjoy comments so please do.

not really so tall
at least in chibi form. haha Lucifer has a weird outlook of Kobal...hmmm...wonder where it is going to lead.
just stop kobal
all your little shinanigance won't get you anywhere....

or will it?
thanks for all the favorites ppl!
im getting a but ton of fans in a very small time frame

thankyou for faving this.
Dont be afraid to comment!
I find that i get fav's but not a lot of feed back. haha.
i really need to find a better scanner