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I'm a really shy person and I don't really know how to properly interact with people so I apologize if I don't answer a comment. ^^; I'm pretty good at answering questions though.

Hahahah I choked on my drink! Hahaha
April 19th, 2015
Rain at the club giving a certain hand gesture.

Sorry, updates are nonexistent for Havoc...School and other projects take up a lot of my time. But I'm almost out of school finally. Havoc is going to be going through some script changes so there's that too. But after school I will definitely work on pages!
Heh..heh...heheheh. I have failed once again to upload this on the right date. Happy birthday to my baby Sasori! He's 26 now! :3 Sasori's birthday falls on Valentine's Day. C: Rain is always especially sweet to him on this day and even attempts to cook breakfast to bring to him in bed. <3

Havoc is going to start updating again! after 5 months...I forgot how to digital. Sorry. I was taking a break and working on a different comic for awhile.

This is just a captured picture of it. (it was too big) Here's a link to the actual picture:
Wow. I by chance clicked on this cause I saw the banner for it on smackjeeves change their faces to those weird expressions and it caught my attention. I am so glad I clicked on it. It has totally made my night! I was in such a terrible mood but reading this has made me so fully of joy. It is absolutely amazing. I love the uniqueness of the characters. They're all so adorable together. I'm a bit sad that I read this all in one night. I can't wait for the next update. This has made my new favorite comic spot.
September 22nd, 2014
Rain got what he deserved and they still get to stay in the penthouse! :D As long as they pay back what Rain skipped out on.

This small chapter thing was really jumpy and ugly. I'm still trying to figure this out and get the hang of it. Next one will be better.
September 22nd, 2014
Scene change again...

Couple days later, Rain & Sasori Mainly Rain are having to tell Rain's 'fiance' the truth.

She's a lying two-faced whore C:
September 21st, 2014
Scene change~

Rain got to explain the situation to Sasori and calm him down. Sasori feels bad for accusing Rain of using him before he knew the whole story.
September 21st, 2014
I ended up adding three extra pages to this section. Originally I was gonna make those three pages their own separate thing but that would've been silly since they still relate to this. Two of those are done in pencil...Sorry.
September 20th, 2014
I am sorry for taking so long to update. I am truly sorry. My computer died and is still dead. It's not coming back this time. and I have not been able to color because the laptop's colors are messed up. But I got tired of waiting and making you guys wait. I am not sure how these colors turned out and I can only hope that they are accurate. So here's the next page.
Even though it's not Mother's Day... Rain really loves his mama. She's a big part of his life.

I still lack the ability to finish coloring the pages. I am so sorry. Here's a lil somethin' to make up for it for now?

Perhaps I'll try do a comic completely traditionally?
July 31st, 2014
I totally forgot the black shading on Rain in the last two boxes.

Rain's landlord knows what's up! somewhat.
July 27th, 2014
It feels like forever since I've updated but it's only been three days.

Drama bomb has been dropped.
July 24th, 2014
I was making fun of Sasori's outfit the whole time I was coloring this. I couldn't resist giving him something so cute and dorky. x)

Rain should just write a handbook titled "A Thousand Ways to Ruin a Relationship".
July 15th, 2014
There's a bit more to it than that, Rain.
July 15th, 2014
Sasori sat Rain down to bitch at him about his debt.

I accidentally gave Rain chicken legs...whoops.

Are the words being like this better? Or my terrible hand writing?

I'm really happy with that plant. His name is Alfred.
July 15th, 2014
Back from TnT and immediately got hit with terrible allergies so I decided to color the first page of Havoc.

There is too much brown and grey in this :/

I can't draw buildings worth shit.
Last update there will ever be on this. I told you all that there would be one last final update and here it is. Rain and Sasori's story as a couple will be continued. There will be better art, more cuteness, and more humor( sense of humor is terrible.). It will be a bunch of short stories about them and their new life as a couple.

Can be found here:
Updates will be whenever I have pages done.

I will honestly try a lot harder on these pages then I did on my other comic. But I have to apologize atleast once for this little strip. ...Sasori is hideous in most of those boxes. Alright, I'm done. I won't go farther into my hatred for how he turned out.

Anyway, please enjoy.
And that was the end!!! Cheesy and laaaame...I know. But hey, I actually finished their story after six years.

There's some important information below concerning this story so just keep reading.

Obviously I was not good at drawing up storyboards when I did this and I was far to lazy to start over for the third time(that's right there's an older version of this hidden in the depths of my DA)and some big important things were really left out and I would like to just take a moment to tell you these things. Of course it was very different from this story so taking the two and cutting them up and sewing selected pieces together it would have more of the following elements in it.

It would be made more obvious that demons walk among people in this world but are discriminated against. They are seen as thieves and murders. When they're not(of course some are, not everybody is good). So much to the point that if a murder was to happen and the criminal got away without any witnesses the cops would take the closest demon and pin it on them.

There was even human gangs that would dye their hair weird colors, wear contacts, file their teeth, wear fake horns and everything else they could to look like a demon so other people wouldn't mess with them.

And that goes back to these last pages with the cops, where the cops were originally suppose to have Rain tazered to the ground and they kept hitting him and sticking him with electrical sticks trying to get him to admit to kidnapping a person(Sasori)

Between the time Rain 'kidnapped' Sasori and the cops finding him, Rain was supposed to have left Sasori at his penthouse for four to five days. Sasori stayed there waiting for Rain to come back cause Sasori finally came to his senses with knowing that he was in love with him and all that snazz. Then we have where Sasori is walking out defeated and the cops past and Michael takes Sasori to where they found Rain basically waiting to die. Rain was done. He hurt Sasori, he thought Sasori didn't want anything to do with him. Sasori gave Rain a reason to actually live and Rain was nothing without him. He didn't want to go back to his old whore life. He wanted to be left alone to die.

Throughout the months of Sasori staying at Rain's as a maid, it was supposed to be more noted that Rain didn't know how to control his strength and that he would accidentally hurt Sasori many times. He would claw into his skin and bite to hard causing Sasori a lot of pain and blood loss. But throughout those months Rain slowly starts getting better at controlling himself and learns to be nicer too. Rain starts being more playful and affectionate and Sasori is happy to help Rain learn control(that doesn't involve sex) like by making Rain hold a wine glass while Sasori talks about things that makes him mad. Kinda like a therapy session. (falling in love during these months)

And we still have the situation with the whores Rain brings in and the one that hurts Sasori, making Rain realize that he loves Sasori. That actually came out in this story (completely on accident too)

And that's all that I can think of for now. It was fun...actually it wasn't. Sometimes it was. But I'm glad I can finally hit that "completed" button. I'm happy that their story is finally out there.

These are my two oldest babies. I can't just leave them just like that can I? There will be ONE MORE SPECIAL UPDATE THIS SUMMER.