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Scarlet Raven
Well, i've just made this user here at smackjeeves... :) soo... i'm hoping to get some feedback on my drawings and stuff :)

I'm member of Deviantart and my user there is called "scarlet-kills-again".
I'm also member of a danish page called "tegnebordet".
My sheezyart user is called Scarlet Raven
Enough information??

I earn a little money on my drawings, but i don't think i'm quite good enough yet. I hope you'll come by and see my drawings, anyways ^.^ And the comic i'll try to make! (Let's see how that ends!)

But just to tell a little about my self n__~
My name is Tanja (pronounced like Tanya, if there's any doubt!) i'm from Denmark... and i've been drawing all my life ^.^ I live in Vejle with my boyfriend in our apartment n___n
Hmm.. i guess that's enough for now!


And also, i'm hoping to find some friends in here! I want buddies online XD
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Scarlet Raven
October 25th, 2006
i like the style and the backgrounds!! very stylish ^^
Now i've voted on every single page, cause damn, this is funny stuff!! Nice work! REALLY lovely XD! Like your style and their looks :D Great STUFF!!!
haha XD ~chuuu~
I'll never forget this one XD Lovely!!!!!
Wauw :)
this is great stuff!!
The city looks so real!
Beautiful work!!
I love the design and the very dark and red colors!
Omg, how cute!! :D
Omg lazy heroes XD
I like this one!
Will the dear princess ever be saved O.O