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Thank you so much for your support and comprehension :hugs: ;.; Thanks!

And, @RunningWolf, the comic's already on DeviantArt ^^ In my gallery:
Submitting this again. I think I should have posted this in the comic chapters instead of the other folder. Sorry >_<
I'm very sorry
First of all, thank you so much @Smackjeevesninja for your kindness and support *hugs It really means a lot for me!

I haven't check the smackjeeves account because I thought it was enough posting a notice with the news about the comic (the dystonia matter). But I had a lot of people in my DeviantArt account asking me for the comic. So I think I should have submitted in the chapter folder or something >_< I'll correct it and see if I can fix this situation.

As I said in the notice, I was diagnosed with dystonia.
Maybe with the medical definition is not enough.
I have dystonia, which means that everytime I hold a pencil I feel pain. At first, in the fingers, then in the hand. Now it get worse and I feel pain in almost all the forearm and sometimes the whole arm.
Sometimes I can hold it for some hours, sometimes I just can't.
Some days I feel pretty good but other days I just don't feel like holding a pencil.

Dealing with a whole comic (which means plot, storyboard, drawing and coloring) is hard even for someone who haven't got dystonia.
I had time to draw the comic, my own illustrations and request before. But I can't anymore.

I'm very sorry for all the kind and lovely people who was reading the comic and all the suport I had (and have) from everyone.
But it wasn't my choice to have this disroder nor was something I did wrong.

Again, sorry for the inconviniences and thank you so much for the love and care ^^
January 2nd, 2012
Replying "Killerfire"
Do not if they're fanmade, but I like how they both fit in the plot ^^

Daugther of White will be an extra-chapter (if I still wanna draw it when finished the comic xD) and never heard about "TwiRight Prank", but as I said to the other guest, I'll look for it and see if it can help in the plot ^^
Thanks for telling and for your comment!
Replying "ya don't say" II
Not really :O I've started the comic knowing just the songs written in the description.
But thank you so much for telling, I'll take a look at it! ^^ it may help me with the plot! ^^
Replying "ya don't say)
Yes. The blue country is America :O
November 15th, 2011
*This drawing's a little old... so sorry for the mistakes xD

Well, as I said in my DeviantArt page, I had the appointment with the doctor.
The good new is that I won't need surgery. The bad new is that the injury is because I overused my hand and I will need rehabilitation to heal it.
I don't know how long it will take (Hope not too much) I'll have the appointment with the physiotherapist this next 24th. So, let's see what happens then.

Doctor also told me to stop drawing if the hand starts hurting. So, I don't know if I would be able to draw the comic (I think not... ._.) but well...

Again, thank you very much for your huge patience, support and comments. I really appreciate them ;A;
WOOO!! <3 I love the "manga-look" your giving to this!!! <3
October 19th, 2011
Well, I post it here xDD
This is what I have of chapter 3.
Yes, I'm going to continue with the comic. Don't worry.
BUT... I have an injury in the hand (fingers, not the wirst, so I can't even hold a pencil). I'm trying hard to do my homeworks (Fine Arts) I can draw for a little and I spend time doing doodles, but It's hard for me to ink and that's why I'm not drawing the comic (If I do it, I'm going to try my best and now I just can't)

Anyway, thank you so much for the support and the patience.
I say it now. This injury may take long to heal (I had it since June and I had some ups and downs) >_<
Anyway, I'll try and draw if I can. ^^
Thank you so much for the support!
After a year of work... chapter 3 is finally done!! >_<
Thank you so much for all the people who read it and for the support! I really appreciate it!! ^^

This is an "old" drawing I did (In May) but it's one of my personal favs ^^
Replying Stalker (not really)
Thanks for watching!! ^^

Well, chapter two is a flash back where I try to explain why Rin is evil xD Chapter three continues with the original story ^^
Replying Smackjeevesninja xD
Yes, I was thinking on something like that, but the chapter have to end and I couldn't do an awesome plot for Gakupo xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ;A;
Replying Smackjeevesninja
Thank you so much for the comic!! <33 I'm glad you like the comic.
Well, actually, I'm working with the songs. I haven't read the novels (didn't know about them LOL), so I just try to imagine the story basing the comic in the songs and a little imagination xD
About Meiko's friend, his name's Allan xDD not Allen, but Lool! Quite similar, yes xD
And yes! I try to add some images of the MVs in order to make some "hidden messages" for all who have seen the videos xDD ^^ Thank you again for your comment!!
Thanks for the comments xD
I'll take care of myself, don't worry xDDD
But sometimes I'm just desperate and need to draw above all xDDD

But thanks to all ^^
Story board of chapter 2: Done!
xD I think that my hand's still injured. I had to stop yesterday because it starts hurting again.
Anyway, I'll be working if it doesn't ^^

Sorry for that and thanks for the patience! ^^
;A; Thank you so much for your comments!! They're so cute! <3 Thanks!! I really appreciate them!
OMG!! Gakupo is the evil minister! xDDD
Sorry for that ;A; But I needed one xD
Sorry for the late u_u
I am very busy these days with the homework and feeling a little tired ;A;
But I'll be working as fast as I can!

Thanks for watch and comment! It really means a lot!
Sorry for the late :( I'm very busy with my homeworks :S

Anyway, this page was designed by :3 She told me she was doing the script ^^
Chapter 2's cover!! ^^
I have to say that I may take a little long with chapter 2 D8 Too many things to do! >_<
But I'll try to do it as faster as i can ^^
Thanks for your patience, support and lovely comments!!