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I know this guy, that knows this guy, that knows this girl, thats a whoe to this guy, that knew this OTHER guy, That knows how to find him~

Thats what ran through my mind with the that words~ : D
Awesome comic BTW I'm so going to watch this!
"AMERICA"'s in the Blahs : D
they're both so sexy~
I can't imagine how tired that horse must be xD
I totally think Alex just Lied so Mika wouldn't go back to him |: but yeeeeah there is SO something going on with Alex and that guy.....the suspense it killing me!

btw that ice cream is win
Omg i freakin love this page xD
FFWAAAA dhasd;g *hugs all over* I LOVED IT SO MUCH!! You have no idea how much i enjoyed your webcomic!! If it were published i was so try my hardest to buy it!!! and do i spy the word "Sequel"?!?!?! *happytear* Fffuuuuu omg i love you so much and i don't even know you ;A;

December 19th, 2010
Baton Rouge?.... *lives like 3 hours away* xDD Why do i always think everyone lies really far away??
have i ever commented saying how much i love your comic?? : D *totally stalks it and squeals at every update*
NOOOOOOOO!!! *frail* this is the first time i've read this and i'm already hooked!! It's soooo good! i nearly fell out of my chair when i saw there was no more!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO READ MORE!!!