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I'm that old grouch that draws crappy comics while stuffing my face full of bacon, I also rant about pointless topics on twitter.
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Well hi there ya'll!
We took a break last week to make some more buffers.
Oops, sorry about the almost late page! I got caught up on One Piece last night. Back to these two dorks~
Fusion complete!
Emma has lost it.
Nova; my evil gay baby.
The third panel has got to be my most favorite face of Nova of all time!
Hiii Emma!

Thank you so much for your patience guys, you don't know how much it means to me. We planned on returning in mid June, we were even getting the chapter ready to go until one bad news after the next happened in our family. It was an emotional time for all of us, but being the awkward person I am, I threw myself into my work and bulldozed these pages to get my mind of things. I felt really bad for leaving you guys hanging on this chapter, this is one of my favorite ones too!! Anyways, until August has passed only one update a week will happen. I'm hoping to get this chapter done this year!

See you guys next week and thanks for reading!
Big update coming up this Saturday.
Only one page this week. I’m trying to do a two page week then a one page week update system.
Shintaro's angry face.
HOPE YOU LIKE THE DOUBLE UPDATE! I'm gonna go sleep now.
Just one update this week. The cheeseness continues~
@Kevin: Maybe? ;D
Here’s a double page to make up for being a loser last week
Great news everyone! We have finally fixed the internet at our place! Now we can go back and post comics properly so stayed turned for more next week! (For any Lu-taro shippers, you’ll love this chapter)
Sorry for the late post on here, but I have fantastic news! We finally have proper internet again! So we will be posting more stuff on Patreon soon!
THREE PAGE UPDATE! Be sure to check out the start of the update here!

Well everyone, we finally made it, the chapter is finished!! Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. We have some special news for you next week, so be sure to keep an eye out on the social media! Until then, have a good day!