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I'm that old grouch that draws crappy comics while stuffing my face full of bacon, I also rant about pointless topics on twitter.
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Only one page this week. I’m trying to do a two page week then a one page week update system.
Shintaro's angry face.
HOPE YOU LIKE THE DOUBLE UPDATE! I'm gonna go sleep now.
Just one update this week. The cheeseness continues~
@Kevin: Maybe? ;D
Here’s a double page to make up for being a loser last week
Great news everyone! We have finally fixed the internet at our place! Now we can go back and post comics properly so stayed turned for more next week! (For any Lu-taro shippers, you’ll love this chapter)
Sorry for the late post on here, but I have fantastic news! We finally have proper internet again! So we will be posting more stuff on Patreon soon!
THREE PAGE UPDATE! Be sure to check out the start of the update here!

Well everyone, we finally made it, the chapter is finished!! Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. We have some special news for you next week, so be sure to keep an eye out on the social media! Until then, have a good day!
Hope you enjoyed this disappointing double update. HAHAHHHAHAHA... but yeah, Rye's being a jerk right now.
One of the few things both Eve and Lucinda can agree on.
Sorry guys, only one page for this week. This teacher doesn't give a shit.

Also Rocco's last name revealed! Rocco Dunmyre, what a nerd.
Are you really surprised?
I want to make Rocco's face a poster.
Wait for it
How've you guys been? I've missed you!! I wanted to update more pages for this week because I've been gone for so long, but the editor convinced me to upload two pages a week till the final pages are done. I like the idea of having buffer pages then to leave you guys waiting for weeks for another big update, soo, see you next week!! Oh, and I hope this update was worth the wait. Sweet, sweet justice~
My mom is the same way. :\
Does that mean we'll see more of James' Dailies?
Oh boy! Only one page update this time, and for a good reason!

We had a really bad storm Sunday and during the bad storm my family's dog, Roxie, went missing. I was so worried about her that I couldn't focus on anything. BUT IT'S ALL GOOD! On Friday a really nice guy called us saying that he found our dog five miles from the house. We were so happy to finally have her back, she's an important member of our family.

Here's a picture of Roxie, she's 16 years old!
<img src=" 32480584650_2132927544224007683_o.jpg" alt="" width="526" height="935" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2545" />
GASP! Another double update this week, I'm fire! considering that I'm feeling sick, again. UGH. See you guys next week!