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I like comedy and making people laugh so I make comics,
and cartoons.
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Yeah, I going to get some different backgrounds if I do another story.
This is the last one for now, don't know if I'll make another story. Hope you liked it!
Caught him by a foot!
The story is almost finished!
That's eggman taken care of.....for now!
I think Tails would make a good ninja...
Watch out Tails! Sonic
is in the zone!!
You gotta be quicker than
that Tails!
Yeah. I just prefered
to use Tails.
Again, sorry for taking so long.
I wonder what Eggman has been doing
these last 7 months...
Sorry it's been a while!
I better get sonic back on track!
Sonic is really getting into the Mario game!
Who says Sonic can't like Mario games?
I take it Tails didn't tell Sonic about his laptop. Sonic must of had a boring 7 months!
I can't believe I didn't see that. It's fixed now!
It's been a while, I hope Sonic and Tails aren't mad with me!
That's absolutely fine!
The Element just stares at her, then Angel and the element leave
In case your wondering, Laughing Boy is from an old Looney Tunes cartoon.