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Coterie is a team of two people: Crys (writer, editor and creator) and Anita (artist and creator). Any art and stories you find here belong to us, so please do not take or use without our specific permission.

Coterie is currently working on several different stories, out of which four fall under a general umbrella title - 'Entwined'.

'Entwined' is a compilation of four stories: "Panacea" (which is currently being turned into manga), "Addicted", "Redemption", and "Reverie". The stories revolve around four brothers, the dragons of air, fire, water and earth, and the people who somehow manage to get involved with them.

We hope you'll enjoy our stories ^^. For more artwork and samples of some of the other stories in novel format visit our Deviantart page -
@Quadrant: You should have already known that from the previous version lol
@Aiyse: Oops ^^;; I was so tired when working on this page. Thanks for pointing that out. You're right though, it's hilarious and in some ways so true too lol
Caelen: "Are they friends or enemies?"
Sorry about the late update. I got caught up in 4th of July celebrations yesterday.
@Quadrant: lol just like that, but you should have seen that coming XD
I almost left this scene out of this version
@Scorpio730: haha they'll need that for sure.
Wow, he can eat!
Lucas has a point but Caelen also has valid reasons...
Sairys (almost) always gets his way
@M-24: He's jealous lol
Sorry for missing last week's update. Had an issue with the software but we're back on track.
My name is "Noneofyourbusiness" lol
Sorry for the late page. I worked 7 days straight so I didn't have much time to work on it.
@Scorpio730: ^^;; you've got good memory.
Sairys to the rescue?
Oh no! Now what?
@Scorpio730: Thank you for your patience <3
I guess that's a question we might never know the answer to XD
Sorry it's a bit late but it's still Thursday... for me anyway.
@Scorpio730: Thank you, I'm glad you like it so far
You can do this!