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Coterie is a team of two people: Crys (writer, editor and creator) and Anita (artist and creator). Any art and stories you find here belong to us, so please do not take or use without our specific permission.

Coterie is currently working on several different stories, out of which four fall under a general umbrella title - 'Entwined'.

'Entwined' is a compilation of four stories: "Panacea" (which is currently being turned into manga), "Addicted", "Redemption", and "Reverie". The stories revolve around four brothers, the dragons of air, fire, water and earth, and the people who somehow manage to get involved with them.

We hope you'll enjoy our stories ^^. For more artwork and samples of some of the other stories in novel format visit our Deviantart page -
@slugslayer: You're welcome.
@Raichi: lol I can imagine. I feel like that every morning, no matter what time I get up.
@Quadrant: Thanks <3

Sairys is always up at the crack of dawn so he had plenty of time to pack and such. And you're right about Caelen. He's ready to pass out again lol
@JunnGerl: Thank you for reading <3
@Soliderside: thank you <3
Sorry for the long wait
@slugslayer: I'm very sorry for lack of updates. I'll try and get the next page up before the end of the month.
@KillFrost: lol right? You never know what Sairys is up to, until it's too late XD
@Raichi: lol well, it's different if you're caught naked and another thing if you're stripping in front of someone on purpose XD
Happy Independence Day! to all our American followers.
@Raichi: haha I doubt Caelen agrees since he was pulled out of bed in the middle of the night... well, at least for Caelen it felt like the middle of the night lol
@Quadrant: I'm sure Sairys wouldn't mind looking at it that way XD
@KillFrost: probably both, chocolate is always good and Sairys... well, I'll leave that to your imagination... or not :P
OMG A page! XD
@Quadrant: haha maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. Who knows what Sairys is thinking XD
@KillFrost: I don't think Caelen saw those videos and his uncle didn't warn him about that kind of stuff either lol

I'm glad you like it. And I'm happy that you're still reading the comic. It means the world to us.
@Raichi: yeah... I think I'm with Caelen on that one. I don't like being blinded by the sun first thing in the morning. lol
@Scorpio730: I don't mind the sunshine, just not so early in the morning XD
Sairys, you're cruel!
I'd kill him if he did that to me.
@KillFrost: Yeah, Caelen is not a morning person, something I can actually relate to ^^;;