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I'm half of the team working on Panacea here on smackjeeves. I'm an author and hope to have my first books published within this year!
@Gabriel Grey: not necessarily, imo .w.

they're just labels xD I think it'd be cooler if the positions didn't reverse x3
Everyone else is screaming 'no' but I had to throw a 'Yes!' in there... not because I want to separate your characters, but because it wasn't just the fluff x3 Little twists like that are what make a good story line, great 8D ... now let's see what you do with it .w.
Didn't expect that. That's adorable :3
"Oh yeah, I'm fi-- *unconscious*" Silly -w- Praxis

And someone looks a bit shell-shocked x3
Is it wrong to have laughed at the last panel? Probably... did it anyway .w.;

Cute and amusing :3
Whoops... looks like the adrenaline wore off .w. On an artistic note, the middle panel looks epic. On a side note... ;A;
Magic indeed x3
That face is epic, and I love all the blood xD; gives it even more... epicness? *fails language for the morning*

Overprotective-ness is fun x3
So oblivious... unless his magic trick involves another round xD
That is freaking adorable xDD! Made me laugh irl.
This may sound random, but I love the way you draw profiled faces .3.
That rainbow comment attack is hilarious xDD I lol'd
Hilarious portrayal of a common... 'disagreement' amongst yaoi fans -w-

Mpreg never sat well with me and never will until the day it can, or does occur in reality and at that point... well, I might as well just give up on people as a whole xD;