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o gawd. i always hate this self describe things:(( im no good at describin myself....ok um i love comics,manga,books,videogames,movies,umm haha im open mined i guess. not a hater.well at least i hope im not. i easly get hooked on stuff especialy yaoi related:D hehe and well ya.
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The video isn't available anymoreD:
Haha I do that way to muchXD
Ya srsly thank YOU. I just read threw the whole thing today and I was like woah I reeeeeaaly love this! I want more! I'm sooooo gonna buy this once its a book man!
:0 :)
Chuck norris beat a wall at tennis!
Congrats on the 800!!!
I like what lillicra said sensei in his high school days:D
that sounds horrible yet its true:0
December 11th, 2010
ohmaigingers what?XD
Where are his pants:D?
Wooh!X) your 200th amazing page!:D
It was all so amazing!! T.T now its over! Thank you for making such a lovely story.:)
Hay yea!!XD
:D the brothers<3
It was amazing!!T.T
Oh yay a page:D and in colorXD i'm happy.
Le gasp! Did he...:0
Oooooh I wanna know!!!:0