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Tobi Anderson of South Park. I'm just a fan of unique stories, Fanfic based or not.
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Colt, don't be a selfish butt-munch by trying to be un-selfish. push that boy up against the counter!

(Yay update! I was surprised :))
Idk, I'd put money of Dake's "This sounds fun!" face :) The cheeks just kill me.
... Hoooly shiznick... thank you :)
Shuno is a grown up and is incredibly mature… Oh god I can't stop laughing, that was awesome!
oh… ok that was excessive.
I was expecting yelling, maybe a shove… the punch was much.
Haha, oh the face
I'm gonna die… what the… Da faq are you?"
... Of course you do... Heh.

... That took me about as long as it's taking Dake LMAO! It- he- it's... Everyone else sees who this is, right? HAHA! So freakin' stoked for the next page!
... I see this ending quite badly for him. She just got through the thing with Dake, then her dad, now her possessed boyfriend is stabbing her... Breaking point met.

Eila is about kick some serious ass. Let's see what kinda tricks Daddy taught her.
I think this is more depressing than actually watching our lovable duo die in the first place.
... oh shiz. Shuno's face, i shouldn't love it, it shouldn't make me giggle... but it does lol
Not to turn a sweet moment sour, but does anyone else think that that is Hindi's "YAY! Check out the sexy babes in heaven" face? I think he just found the blindingly bright side of he afterlife. Very romantic.
He.. he just... God Steve I love your face HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Di...did you just... HORUS!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!
But... but but but!!!! HIDDY!!!!!!! Rest in Piece. Your wife misses you.
... wtf just happened? He didn't just... naw, he's cool... right... RIGHT?! Don't be messin with me!
Bu-but but JACK! Can't he just be wounded? Go all John Wayne with a bullet in his left shoulder or something?

Naaaaaw! I liked him!
Oh good American education and lake of breakfast. I read that as sugar-y. *face palm* I need to go eat. Awesome page, I've been waiting to see these two again!
AWWW COME ON! You broke him Tommy, why would you do that? lol, naww he's s ohappy
This shouldn't be funny, it really shouldn't. Cain is in so much pain! He's suffering, this is NOT funny.

LMAO Look at Tommy's face!