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...Maybe rape isn't such a nice word to be using. It's actually a disgusting word. It makes me think of awful things and my stomach is getting sick.

I don't like this girl. She makes it sound like bottoming is bad. Girl, you're a bottom for life.
I like the B&W. Makes it seem more dramatic.
Forget any objections I had to top Liam, he is hot.
I dunno. I think twinks with attitude are able to hold their big boyfriends just fine. Though I have the same reaction as Ed, haha. It's like Liam was replaced with a different character.

And I think I'm too politically correct, because I cringed at the word "lame." To me, it's like saying "That's gay." as an insult, but lame is for physically disable people.
EH?! A masculine guy can't be an uke? I need more manga like Soba ni Oitene.
Aw, Ed is so cute with his faith in Liam. I can't wait til they met again!
Wth... that kid looks 12. Well, maybe Liam will be too manly for Ed's new taste.
Gosh, that Constance... poor girl, but it's really exasperating when a person keeps liking you after you tell them they have no chance because it kills you with guilt. Liam needs to try to set her up with someone else, pronto.
Oh, a reunion is soon! I still love Ed. But. Liam. Why. So. Handsome!
And I'm wondering if that blue haired person in a girl or boy. Sorta irrelevant when all the pretty characters are on one page (*_* distraction) and I'm just content to look at all along with Sergio's exceptionally cute face.