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My name is Voiceless and I like drawing and I know I've got a lot left to learn, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?
I'm not a STAR COMIC MAKER as you can tell from my first comic on here I kind of suffered from the "tell everything instead of show" syndrome but I learned from that so I'll do my best to write as little as possible and show a lot. Now onto panel placement and interesting perspectives and ahsjahajshjadjhg

Also most of my art suffers from the animus but I swear I am about 1% more diverse than that
Run Run Run
"Took ya long enough" nobody ever said

Yana you are such a little dolt
Aaand another half year
Whoa thats a lot of animo left for this comic!

Im sorry the pages will probably be colourless for a while. I'm also gonna try to do some revisions in the story as I don't like certain things that happened in it (mainly the kiss, I feel that was too soon) So let's try and see where we'll go with it from now on.

Kev is not dead because Ed being a killer and Beau being an idiot hume falling for that is just not a good idea imo. Also imagine what that would do with poor Tyler here :'(
I am fascinated with the sound a vanishing maze makes
And another victory for Yana Mei *clap clap*
Ok honestly I just don't really know what to write here... IDK, it was so easy with Scarlet..
She really needs more weapons
Oh man this witch fight is nothing but glowy rings and explosions
I'm thinking of doing all the sound effects in runes...
Vienna, The dormant witch.

Her nature is indolence. Having to rely fully on her hearing, this witch will swipe at any sound she hears. She will never pursue as she prefers complete stilness in herself and her surroundings.

[Vienna and her familiars are based on death, luck and impediments]
It's been a YEAR
It's not in colour *yet*

So I've seized updating for a year... Mainly because I got lost in the storyline and I didn't like how I did some things (maybe I made Beau a bit too stupid..)
But I think I might actually be able to fix what I didn't like by continueing..

Now the thing is, I can see quite some people are still fan of this comic, but I kinda need confirmation people still read it.. So please, if you see this, leave a comment. It tells me there's a point to keep this comic going (and maybe colour this page herp) Sankyu!

The familiars! Their names are Uthbertha (the mouthy sign) and Alfredo (the eyeflame). Also, that sign above Yana in the second panel? That's the letter F in MadokaRunes. Ohgod I hate it. Imagine girls who have several Fs in their name? Your ring would look horrible.
I promise you once she's past the entrance stage of the barrier it'll get less messy

It's supposed to have a train/traffic theme can you tell
I also tried something different with the shading but I'm not sure if I like it..?

WuJiaMin Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy the comic even more as it develops C:
The blue people
Changed the font because I realized I wasn't writing a book.
Witches barriers are fun to design when you know what you want with them! I bet it's really hard to tell that blue border is made up of hands from the painting with Adam and God.
All the cliches
Because I must
I keep hearing that Kyaru song
The candy candy candy one whenever I look like this for obvious reasons. It wouldn't be a big deal if that song didn't kind of annoy me
Because maybe you are curious

I don't know why I always draw pages before I draw a cover.. Anyway, this is the cover. I should get a better banner.
I like the Prismriver Sisters
I have never been very good at writing these. Whoever can guess the theme of this Witch from her barrier/kiss gets a million points (that's for you first follower!)

I think maybe I should make this Kyubey look more like the one from the manga than the one in the anime because it's superdead face just looks derpy instead of scary here. Or I should just learn how to draw Incubators

That could be it too
December 27th, 2011
I can't wait for more death to happen
Blegh I really don't like Raye. I really should spend more time on his design when he appears again.. some time....
You have no idea...
How difficult it was for me to write this Foe Yay.
I seriously had to ask three people to help me before I could do this properly.

Raye is one of the oldest characters of mine ever, by the way. I created him when I was fourteen. No shit. Which is probably why he looks like he fell out of a J-rock musicvideo...
Not that I listened to that when I was fourteen. No, I listened to emo music. Fall Out Boy, P!ATD, Avril Lavigne, you get the gist.

Alas, I don't like him much now. Which is probably why he is so quiet. It's hard for me to pinpoint what kind of things he would say or how he would react in certain situations...

YES Jess's clothes have changed, I will edit them in the older page someday
but not right now

Ed ran off
I needed to bring him back
I just liked the design of nameless bully too much
plus you people seemed rather fond of him, calling him Kyle 'n all
oh btw, in case you weren't sure, it's not Beau or Jess going "TYLER WTF" in the last panel. Just some random guy who ran up to the van I guess
Let's hope I can update normally next week
My day off is actually is on thursday, so thats funny. But who knows I might be killed with homework, idk...

Fss I was looking forward to this scene and idk why.

I thought it might be fun if I'd answer all your questions about Scarlet! I'd love it you asked them via my tumblr,
I'll try my best to answer as clearly and detailed as possible.

@potatoes4eva Jumping off the Eiffel Tower, getting crushed by a car... you sure want my characters dead don't you
Well ok you're not the only one quite some people were like WOOO VAN SCENE
fss such an ugly page
I rewatched the scene from the movie
Kstew should play a terminator
not even a car swerving at her, ready to turn her into crunchy red paste makes her express emotion

Also Tyler is a black dude in the original
how did I forget that
Now I'm going to look like a complete racist *cries*
..No wait I won't because Tyler was a huge bigot and he almost killed Bella and he's like the only black guy in Twilight apart from an evil vampire

I'm making it less racist

I am so great at justifying things I do
Instead of chapters, this comic is going to be divided in enemies
so the pagecount per "enemy" might be very inconsistent.
Oh, they won't be all in dull red and white, btw.