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We're three guys who wanna make you laugh. We write this comic. We voice act. AND TWO OF US ACTUALLY DRAW!
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    Aron, Austin and Sam
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Kayla got a new hairdo for her return to the SDB universe.

PS "It was totally worth it"

Written by: Aron, Austin and Sam
Illustrated by: Aron

I Want to Believe, but Internet Trolls make it hard.
Jay turns into the scourge of the internet to give Austin some non-advice.

Yes we did reuse the first 2 panels of page 12. Yes we plan on doing it Once a month.
Happy New Year
Happy New Year, from the Douchebags!
Murry Xmas E'erybody

Aron Austin Sam and the rest of the SDB cast

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A Quickie
Merry Xmas, Douchebags!

PS: Reginald Higgins, everybody. This s what evil is all about.
Enter Reginald Higgins
Written By; Sam
Illustrated by: Aron

Introducing our antagonist: Reginald Higgins
An apple a day keeps the chicks away.

Written by: Aron
Illustrated by: Aron

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He is watching
Written by: Austin
Illustrated by: Aron
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Introducing a new character: Jay.
Written by: Austin
Illustrated by: Aron

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SDB Halloween
Happy Halloween, Douchebag Faithful.
Written by: Aron, Austin and Sam
Illustrated By: Aron

This page's script went through several revisions before we decided on this one. We're pretty proud of it.
And Now a Moment with Max
This one was written by guest contributor, Max (Vivvav). You've seen him post a comment on just about every SDB page thus far. He is going to be a reoccuring guest writer (and a reoccuring character). Welcome to Hell, Max.

Written by: Max
Illustrated by: Aron
Edited by: Austin
@Brandi: It was a just a strange coincidence XD
@ El Zacko: Naw. Very few of the comics are based on actual events. There is at least one based on true happenings. In fact, you were there for one of them. I'm sure you know what I'm refering to. (No spoilers!)
A Man and His Box
Simply Douchebags
Written by: Aron, Austin and Sam
Illustrated by: Aron

A wise man, trapped in a box, bestows his wisdom upon Sam...
Left 4 Hangover
Written By: Austin and Aron
Illustrated by: Aron

Boomer Bile. Doesn't that sound like really, really, cheap booze? No? Okay.
Life Lessons
After the writers and artist taking respective vacations, we're back with more bonerific action.

Simply Douchebags is Written by: Aron, Austin and Sam
Illustrated by: Aron
Happy Birthday Kay
Based on an actual conversation.
Written by: Aron and Kay
Illustrated by: Aron (not kay)

Austin and Sam had nothing to do with this particular comic, but wish Kay a happy birthday, too!
Austin's Birthday Bash
This one was written and illustrated by Aron for Austin's actual birthday. And Sam got Austin a stripper for $5. Needless to say, she was pretty classy...
Volunteer Hours
When do we get to the off-color comic pages?

Written by: Aron, Austin and Sam
Illustrated by: Aron
Payin' The Bills
"This is obviously a work of fiction, because if this was true, I'd be dressed in something a little classier and less assier."

Written by: Aron, Austin and Sam
Illustrated by: Aron
How do you like it...?
INTRODUCING A NEW CHARACTER: Mortimer, the rich, old man. Expect to see more of him in the future.