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I am Daniel Beecher. Junior in the comic world and trying to make a dent with a good writing skill but amateur drawing talents. I am starting to flesh myself out through my skill with words and worlds. I sincerely hope you follow, and may even guide me, on my journey.
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    Daniel Beecher
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CThis woulda been a great return, but this college semester is being overtly hard. I want to update, but im swamped.
Poor Darman. He has no idea what he is dealing with.
Lex would.
Even guys like him need a little love.
Eating things roasted over synthetic materiel is a bad idea. Dont do it.
Eh, it was a good thing im a early riser. Still was a little fuzzier in my head than my hair was at the time. (mask hair is not fun.)
NO the knot is not a typo. Lets just say its a inside joke.
He doesnt get a lot of time off.
This was a fun one to make, and it didn't take me long once I found the background.
Yeah, it was for a game it read, but i dont know if anythign came if it. But Boopy doop doop to it im still proud of em. (Smiles at Z)
@Spekkal that and he doesnt get much sleep.
@Royle maybe we used the same base? I got permission from the artist to use his sprites awhile back, but he has since removed them. They are very. VERY heavy edits though. SO yeah. Mind a link though? Would love to see how close they are!
him and his P.R. department rarely agree on things.
Somebody mind giving me posting abilities?
I can hear Zach sobbing from here.
@kinny-man: Heh, some bits and pieces maybe, but we can trim ALOT of it.
Things just got a little more interesting.
I am now picturing him bald as Mr.Clean, and it is golden.
This oughta be good!
@Ren Fowl: At this rate we will need to make him a sprite and have him become a character!