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aw that's so nice of them. I can't believe they did that for you. Those people are awesome
^ i second this!
Yay!You're back! Good to see
fucking love this comic!!! lol at allan's moustache
yay for update and ponies.
i seriously have that problem when i try to lose chest is the only plce i dont want to lose weight
roflmao at the alternative dialogue page
congrats on the new job. im so happy for you and glad to see you drawing again =)
love the new design <3
hit him again patrick!
aw poor dude, now everyone knows who he is and his sexual orientation
geez..burning it was a bit much lol
nice shirt. i read pictures of you as well lol. also i have done the exact same thing as you only i spilled the orange juice on one of my dogs instead lol
i think everyone has a "secret bitch" side...simply awesome
just wanted to say i love this comic, that is all =D
i have that tablet