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...Hiyo :0

My username's "fun-sized" b/c that's what my friend likes to use to describe me. It's common sense to know why she says I'm "fun-sized," at least, if you've seen those candies that have the phrase "fun size" on their wrappers--I'm short for my age (and I like candy). But, just so you know, I've seen shorter xb.

Thanks for visiting :)...
Woah ;o! Third panel... The position you drew Luke makes it so awesome. Like how a real bird of the sort would look at something. I like that :3
Read this page days earlier, but I don't usually comment (I lurk...). But I'm in the commenting mood today for some reason so I'm typing what I thought when I read this ;P.

I love the paneling and how you guys delivered the mood and situation here. Like, in this page, it's one of those "discovering the truth" moments (I dunno what to call it). Um, what I mean is that how you guys spaced it out and closed in and one person per panel and hm. I'm not explaining well right now.

Well, I'm trying to say that it feels like every panel in this page is going fast. One to two seconds per panel or so. And, in that period of time, Sergio is slowly realizing it.

Shoot. That still wasn't good -A-. Well, at least you guys know I really like this comic, right? Well, I do. The characters and story so far, clothing designs, coloring, character designs, paneling, style, and more that I can't remember right now because I'm nervous about long comments and this is long D:.


edit: Oh yeah, the humor. The humor's awesome -u-.
The training one in Kung Fu Panda :P. ...Ha. I'm into animated things xD.

Haven't commented on other pages because I'm a lurker... I just wanted to bring up Kung Fu Panda xd. I have been reading this comic though :D! I love the characters, style, character designs, colors, how you're delivering the pages (like, how you're showing the reader the mood of a certain page), and how everything's going so far. Awesome ;).

Oh, and I shouldn't forget the Toy Story 3 montage at the end with Andy... (I don't want to give it away to those who haven't watched it D:).
Pft... 15 ;A;. But I'm fine with that... (shh! i read those kind of creek fics sometimes ;o! it'sasecret...that im putting on the internet :I. Huh.) *cough*

Like the comic by the way C:. Saw it on dA :9. Your drawing and coloring style's cool.

edit: I like Tweek's expression in the third panel :). It's cute (and I usually don't admit that about stuff because it sounds so girly). Wanted to add that since I commented on this specific page ;d
As in doing it during school when you think it's due the same day you're doing it, but it's actually due some other time? Ha, that always happens to me 'cause I procrastinate. But after I blanch for a second, I celebrate instead of exploding. I can procrastinate another day :D!

Awesome comic :3
Dude, Me Too!
Haaa... I wondered this months ago. I asked my friends, but I forget what they said. I was thinking that maybe they could speak with the alphabet through burping too (if they could burp, that is). No valid answer yet.
Just had to comment again xb. I love how you drew their expressions x3~! And, oh, dude, they do all have black hair (the semes, that is). And I really like how you colored Craig ;D. The glasses and taco (...or is that a burrito ':0?) were a nice touch too xD. If I keep putting all these things I keep on noticing as I type this, this comment'll be r e a l l y long so I'ma stop here. Awesome page, and congratulations :)~!
Haaa... Sorry about that xD. I don't really notice things like that. I'm kind of...ignorant (am i using it right xP?) to things like this and I take time to notice. I found out after my fifth try or so of scrolling actually. I kept seeing the word "guinea" and kept scrolling around, but I found out after just hovering the cursor over the page ;d. Then I went back to the previous pages and did the same. ...I didn't need to tell you that information... And I should be lurking right now too... (Thanks for the new pages :0! Oh, and, dude, I love doing stuff that xDD. "Crappy background is crappy" stuff, I mean. 'Cause it could go over and over and...yeah -u-;;. I should go now.)
My first comment on SJ o.o (I'm more of a lurker...and I just got this account yesterday). Putting this on your latest page instead of the first 'cause I've already read up to here so why not xP. I thought this was made by zeromotion at the first page b/c of the eyes, but then I read your little description and was like, "Ohh..." --not in a bad way thou. Your styles actually are different :). That's a good thing -u-. And I noticed you draw Tweek's hair different than she does. It's cute x3. (Love the touch of adding earmuffs too~). I like how you did the perspective with Tweek's hand in the second-to-last panel in this page as well. Oh, and Stripe's a guinea pig, not a hamster xD. I'm probably not going to comment on every page since I'm more of a lurker so don't be expecting anything from me ;b. But that doesn't mean I'm not reading it (of course I still am :D). Thanks for the many updates in a day~ (Long comment. Sorry xP.)