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This is a reconstitution of a sceane that happend at my family christmas reunion.I edited a bit the context but the original made me laugh.
i m a fan of your work.
finally updating.

More coming.
Just an alternate version of the previous strip.
Wow square characters are way harder to do then it looks.

For those who are not familiar with MINECRAFT,it s basically a sandbox game where your build your own world one square at the time,mining pretty much everything in your way.

Then of course the probe from the Mass Effect 2 mineral gathering minigame.

The art is not great,i promise to do bether on the next one.


PS:thanks to all the people commenting,on the strips.If i m not replying it s simply because i didn t manage to know how to reply yet :P
Will check into that later.
Ok so i m back again i know it s been a while,but i m not abandoning this webcomic for the simple reason that i like doing it.

Ive got a few good ideas for next strips ill upload sooner that in 4 months this time...haha

Brain storming
Omg i m such a liar!
Yeah uploading just 2 months late.
Ok,so not really related to Video games or anything but felt like sharing.

So here is my take on a new serie of drawing that i want to do,in the category of EPIC DRAWINGS,taking childhood memories and making them EPIC.

I will try to put more "action" in my drawing buts it s not my forte.

You can visit my Deviant art account here

About time....
Finally updating!

More coming next week.

Finished just on time.

This strip was supposed to be different many times but ended up with that conclusion.

Hope you like it!


verry neat and color effects are spectacular
I like this webcomic,good grasp on the humor
looks interesting...
OK so second Zelda comic in a a short period.
Consider this one as a bonus for this week so i dont want to ear any complains!

Comics on Fridays now...

Peace out
Here s a little bonus for this week.

Ill try to keep them coming.

Peace out.
New writer!
So if you see that the text is more consistent than the previous ones it s simply that i finally have a writer for this webcomic.

So rejoice,DebugRoom now with less typos and bad English!