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Well I am a coffee addict... I like 'em with spices or pure with a small amount of sugar.

Oh and I love to draw P...eautiful comics :P

If some one has a commission ...ask me.
@eishiya: The letters are tiny bit thinner.
June 14th, 2019
nooooo only one page?
@sentiashinou: glad I could help with fan art ideas.

I'm sure he's just visiting for a little talk and a coffee ... and cake.

You know the cake is a lie.
June 4th, 2019
oh man ... I'm so tired.
Not because it's late here, but the air is moist and warm as usual in summer in that city.

Ok the remaining shading will be done tomorrow.

(=___=) zzz
a can of whoopass opens in 3...2...1...
June 2nd, 2019
@DataJess: Arrgh... I forgot his name. He has such a unique design but I couldn't memorise his name, sry
June 2nd, 2019
too small for a bear... but I can guess who or what this could be.
Nice censor bar. (^__-)
June 2nd, 2019
He got pretty thin for being used to be a soldier.
June 2nd, 2019
When was his boyfriend's name mentioned?
Oh... didn't notice that it was only a one night visit.
June 1st, 2019
@Aeon#3547: That dungeon is pretty much empty regarding rats ...maybe some Sleeplings here and there in the upper parts.

Portals can be created by high skilled magicians, but not by putting Katarak Crystals together.

No, the dungeon was created by lazy and insane architects ...or some who thought they are architects.
Katraniens are regarding architecture very chaotic. Or megalomaniac.
Is your hand alright? I noticed that your lines are still very wiggly.
hur hur ...weird.
hmmmm! hmmmm?
Sorry to ask... who?
May 20th, 2019
@Seven Rain: Nirrod will be very surprised where this prison actually is.
May 20th, 2019
@Seven Rain: It was the most complicated thing ever.
I had to create my own bend vanishing-point guides.

But I think it's worth it.
May 19th, 2019
Shading is not finished... I update the shading tomorrow.