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Well I am a coffee addict... I like 'em with spices or pure with a small amount of sugar.

Oh and I love to draw P...eautiful comics :P

If some one has a commission ...ask me.
@Seven Rain: I'm eager to read more about him.
Just a little hint... did you ever see Barahn use his sword?

I know that Dalson is one of the bad guys.
But he has the same world view about weaklings. (^___-)
October 16th, 2017
@Seven Rain: Thanks Seven Rain.
The dodge scene is my second favourite on this page. The last panel is the first. I don't know why exactly.
Hahaha ... Dalson and Barahn wouldn't like but certainly respect each other.
October 15th, 2017
Unshaded ...therefore unfinished page.
I'll finish it tomorrow ...but for now the line art page.
Good Night.
October 14th, 2017
I edited the page a little bit for more visual clarity.
October 11th, 2017
@Johnb343: Sorry, but you sound like a spam-bot.
If you are not then I'm very sorry.
October 9th, 2017
@Maeke: WAHAHAHAHA ...well...
October 9th, 2017
@Seven Rain: (^___^)
October 8th, 2017
Yes!! still Sunday.
My suggestions:
Bone gnawer Doves.
Dead Squeaker.
Flutter Death.
I really like Elixa's design... and character.
October 2nd, 2017
If you like what you see and want to see more (and faster *sigh*) please consider to support me on Patreon is above in the social media banner. (^___-)
September 28th, 2017
Not really clones but different versions of York. Interesting.
September 27th, 2017
@Seven Rain: It make sense now why this book's title is To Rsut (Big Trouble or Big Mess)

@Flik: You know, he needs a calm moment to concentrate for each screw up.

@Maeke: Nah... He wouldn't blow up himself.

...or would he?
Insert -To Glory- from TsfH
September 25th, 2017
I couldn't finish it in time ...this Page will be edited later. It's 5:17 in the morning here ...good night. (-____-)
Oh Modmad... nice played.
This reminder was well executed.