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Well I am a coffee addict... I like 'em with spices or pure with a small amount of sugar.

Oh and I love to draw P...eautiful comics :P

If some one has a commission ...ask me.
June 18th, 2018
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Thanks! (^__^)
@Name: oh that page! ...ok I looked at the page where it first happened.
Now I have to reread the page if there was a "SPKOWWW-!" and "BANG!"

June 15th, 2018
@Guest: Thank you.
June 13th, 2018
@Maeke: @Arkwell: @Iceburgh69:
Thank you.

It was a beautiful farewell event.
Now I'm back and have to regather my thoughts.
June 9th, 2018
I explained in the News (click on Home) why I can't update this weekend.
I'll be back on Wednesday.
@Seven Rain: looks good pal.
@Seven Rain: Then, if you insist on keeping their details as it is, Make the foreground bigger. Take the stairs,lamps, gates with the person and their books plus all the plant pots on the ground and make it bigger. So that the railing at the top meats the hight of the hips of the knight with the grey jacket. (^__-)
@Seven Rain: The stairs tell me that the railing is alright. If you fix the railing you'll have to fix the stairs as well.
I would take the easier approach.
@Seven Rain: perspective drawing is a bitch. Stairs are their pimp.
The railing is good ...but those two characters and the plants in the first floor are too big.
Look at the person with the books, the railing is near her hips. Now look at those two knights... the railing nearly touches their lower leg. The plant pottery on the ground is a little bit more than two steps high. But the pottery in the first floor is over 3 steps high.
Who is drawing imposing buildings now?
June 5th, 2018
Put again a little Thank you into the TWC vote ;)
June 4th, 2018
@sentiashinou: As I said before, he isn't a fool, therefore something foolproof has no effect on him.
June 4th, 2018
@Maaria: You need a cover now for the SJ Comic profile page (^___-)

YAY!! You are back!
June 4th, 2018
@Seven Rain: Kie-Pur is correct (^__-)
June 4th, 2018
Yeah... that's a good plan...
June 4th, 2018
Wow... very nice surprise.
RGB knows the story... but things keep getting out of order.
Now it's not time for a flashback. Haha.