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Well I am a coffee addict... I like 'em with spices or pure with a small amount of sugar.

Oh and I love to draw P...eautiful comics :P

If some one has a commission ...ask me.
The Princess of Power.

Regarding spiky hair ...I feel you.
@Chains: You are right there are 7 pages until it explode.
Interesting, I had the feeling that this sequence would feel much faster. Where every second counts for Sogre. (especially because I did cut away some redundant panels)
I'll keep this in mind for further pages.

Even so you may have read the two issues be prepared to be surprised... hopefully (^__-)
@Chains: I hadn't enough pages in that time so I had to decide what to cut away ...and because a close deadline I cancelled the whole fighting sequence with the Puppetstalker.
But yes, the fighting scene now is maybe a little bit too long.

But at least it's not "One-Piece-fighting-scenes" long ...hahaha
@Chains: Yes it was set earlier ...but the pacing felt unfitting. That's why I decided to put it right after Nirrod's and Kie-Pur's first encounter.

Have you bought the original on a bookfair?
@Seven Rain: Those guys are always experimenting and inventing stuff. Only in aeronautic are they somehow behind, as you can see.
They are a good mix of Steampunk and Medievalpunk.
@Maeke: @sentiashinou:
I've never expected that this Lahp is stealing Kie-Pur's spotlight.
This doesn't look good.

And I don't mean the comic technical part.
@Seven Rain:
*Looking at my own character bio page*
*slowly moving to the exit*
I... left my meatloaf in the oven... gotta go.
February 13th, 2018
Phew... this was one of the most complicated pages by now.
But I have a little buffer and can now move on to the next page.
Yup ...bad image source.
February 7th, 2018
@Iceburgh69: You mean the Katarak of Chaos?
Well exist and doesn't exist at the same time. Difficult to tell if it's part of this story. (^__-)
February 4th, 2018
@Seven Rain: Aether is indeed the most vague of them. I would describe it as everything from thin air to vapour to liquid. It can manipulate density, vision, pressure... etc.
February 4th, 2018
@Seven Rain: Well, let's say a magician has an affinity for certain elements and will get very good at using those Kataraks provided that they train properly.

As you can see, Master Moshr wields three Katarak crystals.
He is a high ranking magician. He uses Aether, Fire and Light, but has a higher affinity towards Aether. This is his most powerful magic.

Btw. He let them float in front of his face... This was mostly to show off. (^__-)
February 4th, 2018
My reaction to an update of Broken was...
"Hu?... YAY, AN UPDATE!!"

February 4th, 2018
@Maeke: (o___O)ยด-
No, don't even think about it.
@Seven Rain: lol... he will be so p0wned.