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I am an artist, and easily fascinated. I write, paint, draw, and think. That last one more than all else.

Avatar image is from Josceline Fenton, specifically the character Lumi from her webcomic Hemlock. Go check it out!
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Looks cozy.
Mama Peasant does so wish her child would be /sensible/ once in a while.
Scared Tristan is scared.

I want his hat.

Also Mama Peasant looks like she is tired of his bullshit.
She is Not Best Pleased.
I'd disagree, I think it makes a good juxtaposition.

I also cannot wait for more.

And little peasant kid is adorable!
If I were to live in the hollowed-out upper-shell of a living creature, I think I'd go for an enormous tortise.

Named Speedy.
I love your feathers.
I am ... /Intrigued/