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Shuu~ I'll join again aswell <3
A cute emoface?
I envy your hand-drawing ability.
Panel 3 is gorgeous, Sho <3
His eyes are a gorgeous colour :O
Love it and hate it...
So yah, I updated because I should
Synner's Hwa-Jang and Willow, because with Willow's not liking his hair being messed with, it was bound to happen. The cute uke always wins xD

I'm sorry Synners! I messed Hwa-Jang up so bad ;___;

Willow is now seke, just to even out the odds....a little xD;;
Gonna start working on a picci, dun worry 8D
lol,at the chibi zombie
-snugglesclings- Yaaaaaay! love you toooo~ X3
Tis a Chai!! <3
Sho~ That's so pretty! *favs*
@dbrookeart: a ring

@Miss Momo: yah, I tend to do that alot, saves the hassle of clearing space or being organised.
Sorry about like..disappearing loveys, christmas and crap came up.

I finally got a tablet 8D and lost PS D8, but im buying OC to make up for it at some point.

anywho, Willow is the type of guy who really doesn't give a damn about how others take his laid-back behavior, thus he can happily use the dining/kitchen table as his bed XD Weird idea that came from me leaving the ring he's based off of on the kitchen tble for 3 days straight
November 30th, 2007
Put he's so cute~
Willow would so love him~
I'm making willow seke, this place seems uke-dominant XDDD
Willow: 8O emo!! -darts over, flopping against Kuro- do you see in black and white, or color? do you sit in corners? are razorblades your friend? -grin- should I go now? am I annoying you? -just trying to make him talk-
and OMG I'm here
this comic is uber awesome, I'm so glad to be a part of it <33
This is Willow, he's the personification of a ruby ring my grandmother gave me
oooooh~ this comic is awesomeness, I love collab comics <3
too bad the screen on the scanner comp is broke, or I'd totally ask to join D8
neh a new comic??
for Demon names I'd use Harlequin or Marquis