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Matt the Fox
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And the 20th anniversary of Pokemon! What a coincidence! Congrats on 500 pages!
8 hours?! Time to fire up the video games! YAY!
Wow, can't believe it's been a year all ready, it felt much shorter for some reason. Congratulations, here's to another year!
And I didn't see the comic Moon light Madness put up either, so this is unnecessary, my bad.
Yeah, sorry, I forgot about that.
Cool! And just to let you know, my character has the power of fire, and it's fine that you added the donut loving part, but that was mostly a joke though I do like donuts as well as a bunch of other foods, but it doesn't matter so you don't need to worry about including it, thanks.
Any reason there are no text boxes or dialogue?
And that's the end of the comics I had premade during the summer. I might make more, but I have a feeling I'm probably going to end this comic. It's just become tedious for me to make them and I know they're not very good anyway so this comic will most likely end. Thank you for being such loyal fans, and goodbye.
Also, that cow totally photo-bombed me.
Hello! I made these about a year ago and meant to upload this picture, but it was too big on my phone, and then I forgot about. But I recently remembered them and realized I could e-mail them to myself and shrink them. Ta da! I just figured this would be a nice thing to add as a change of pace. Don't worry, you'll still get your weekly comic tomorrow!
@epicness: I don't usually. We've all mostly gone our separate ways after this.
@ShadowSaiyanXD: No problem, I was just curious.
Why does my character's sprite look a little different?
That was a blast!
@Draven22: That should be you're, not your.
Excellent! Now I can get my surfboard, and go back in and finally go channel surfing!