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Ghost Fox
After being trapped in the flux of the internet for two long years, I have returned to my origin point here.

Former Spriter, casual Troper, and a novice Brony.
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What? Will it be the "House of Horror" version of a Breakfast Machine?
I found something else to eat up all my time!
I've already finished FO:E and have now started on sidefics
And, as you can guess by the chatter coming from the computer, I've gotten into Tribes: Ascend.
A filthy Wasteland Sandraker. That's me.
Yep. Those Kihunters are still there.
Now, I don't mean to say I've given up on Metroid. However, seeing that I've played every title except Metroid 2, and there hasn't been a good Metroid since Prime 3, I was quite eager to give Halo a try.
Still nothing resembling actual progression today. Sorry about that. I just recently returned from a trip to the Land of Sunshine and Orange Juice (AKA, Florida), not to mention that I've got other things and an MMO keeping me busy.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: They were a pain in the ass to kill.
@Bruce the Hedgehound: I know that. I know that.
Still, ODST did better at giving me feels than any of the Metroid games I ever played (I never even felt anything from Rundas dying in Prime 3).

On a related note, I am in love with the Gravity Hammer.
I never said how often I'd update
So here's something for you. I believe it's called a "filler".
Now, I've only recently gotten into Halo. Prior to ODST, I haven't played anything besides Combat Evolved, and had largely ignored the Halo series for the most part before that. Naturally, I expected plenty Human vs. Covenant action.

What I -didn't- expect was a truly heartrending atmosphere that gave me a ton of feels.

So...yeah. Good game.
@Chris the wolf: >Implying we get any fanart
@Fusion Kirby: I hope your mind is insured against the eldritch horrors that I will inflict upon it.
....I really need to pay more attention to this place.
@Matt the Fox: "A" for effort, but "C" for quality control. I can give you that.
@.:AuraX:.: .....What the bucking hell!?
After this travesty, that would be a good idea.
Suddenly I feel relieved that our viewer traffic has dropped.
Because I felt like a Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff episode.
That magical rare occasion where an artist may go against everything he knows and produce something that looks awful just for the fun of it.

I am not responsible for any sort of Nerd Rage related injuries caused by reading this comic. Blame yourself for clicking the link, genius.

I was gonna save the page as a .jpeg for added impact, but I was already pushing it with the poorly-drawn derps and the Comic Sans text. So enjoy this disaster of a comic in neat .png sexiness.