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Hi! I'm Ryan, and I like SpongeBob, lots of cartoons, drawing, making stories, Total Drama Island, theater, musicals, music in general, and many other things!
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See, this is why I love my name being Ryan.
This looks interesting. FAV'D.
I love that song! And Simon and Garfunkel.
Redd or Bleu should have his own short, since John had one already.
I can smile all day! :D
You posted this on my BIRTHDAY? I feel so special!!!! :3
I played Linus in a school play, and my name is Ryan! How...ironic.
Really? Same here! What a coincidence! I'm not funny at all....:P
My first comic on this webcomic. I use MS Paint and it sucks, I know. Soon I'll be able to use flash, so it's aight, bro!

I love this comic. D:

I wish it could go on... oh well.
I use MS Paint, and all my stuff is pretty crappy. :/
Next year, I should nominate you for the annual smackjeeves awards. This comic made me laugh really hard.
Fish Sex LOL
The what?
I did too.