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It isn't as ominous as it may seem. There was some faint chemistry between those two. The real question is what role she plays in what transpired. Could them getting together fracture the group? Did Michelle leave after Bishop Street and no one saw her again? Did her life take a turn for the worse and she ended up possibly killed by it?
Twists galore.
A surprise warp back to the present using a concise and effective scene change method.

Well done sir, well done.
Second Panel
Is the best. The best and most ambiguous mix of being a friend and a commitment with drugs thrown in for good measure.
I wonder if this could be one of the events (if not THE event) that ultimately breaks the group. Remember in the very beginning Gib opened it up looking like a small handful of years after college and some people were missing and those who were present talked about the "good old days".

I'm still waiting to see the group head down that path, since he started off in the present and has spent this entire time thus far in the past.
It SEEMS bad/negative, but it can also be how some couples are. She DID give him a kiss though, so it's not like she is completely blowing it off. But doesn't seem like it is panning out how Christo pictured.
Who are these people? One has the tat so they MUST be important but I have no idea who they are now.
Calling it...
Car accident! It seems more logical, he never seemed the type to do crazy shit so I wager it was a drunk-driving accident and he's in the hospital.
Remember the Beginning?
To those who say Patrick will come out of this a better person, read back the first six pages or so. If you remember what is transpiring now is more of a very extended flashback, or maybe a Terentino-style telling. We have seen they are grown up and with jobs, and the group broke down (with much regret all around it seems).

Patrick skulking back to his now-unpaid-for apartment, seething about his friends and family abandoning him, will go back to his BF. As soon as he sees the money-train has been derailed he will go for someone else. It all serves to further deepen the rift between Patrick and the group, making him a worse person and breaking up the group.

As for being taught how to fight, in most cases you can't be taught. You can learn a martial art, take self-defense classes, etc. but a lot of times people never realize they will lack the experience of general combat and most of the rules they think they know will quickly fly out the window as fight-or-flight mechanisms kick in and adrenaline starts flowing.
People are up in arms it's a "hate crime" because Patrick is gay? Really? Could you find something more productive to do than trying and find illusionary injustices within a purely fabricated world?

Then again I'm calling it, Patrick is gonna get the shit kicked out of him and he's gonna blame Peter for it. Further deepening the rifts within the group and causing a break.
Seems I forgot Patrick was essentially being funded completely by his folks. That may explain why he has been such a pretentious douche-bag up to this point. I mean when everything is handed to you and you don't have to work what's the value in things?

Kudos on dad though, handled that much better and even seems like he regrets doing so.
You know...
You all may cheer on Patrick and Peter and that's fine but consider this...

How does it look to the folks?

Honestly for all they know Devon has done nothing and not one but two people have savagely beaten him seemingly unprovoked. It's pretty obvious they don't know Devon is a wife-beater in the making but what they DO know is this "fine upstanding" young man who only wants the best for their little girl is getting beaten on without provocation.
Parenting FTL
Had to note their mother's rather "loud" silence. I get the impression "daddy dearest" is doing all of this and mom simply complies in silence.

As for why, I think dad is just too arrogant to see the truth of the matter and too condescending to assume he knows what is best for her. Or maybe it's a money thing, isn't Devon's parents loaded?
Patrick won't change, this isn't a severe enough situation to "break" a character into breaking. Plus he's presently the main source of strive, he can't be like that if he all of a sudden becomes the bigger person.
Battle of the Hair
Could this possibly be the beginning of the end we saw in the beginning? Last panel is well done, you do sequential art a justice sir.
Oh boy.
Drama Tsunami inbound...
I smell a stripper argument coming on. Also I still remember Patrick's euro boy toy mentioning Christo being Greek despite him saying the entire time he is from Spain. I'm still wondering when that will come up as a storyline/plot point.
The Art
Looks like Gibson's mastering the Art of the "final panel". Something that can only be done in sequential art.
The last panel is so true it's sad.