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plastic toast
a brief description of us:

Role- A writer, draws some doodles for the comic
Likes- dogs, Harry potter, Ellen Degeneres, Animes (Darker than Black, Luck Star, Gravitation, Gakeun Heaven, Eureka 7, Full metal Alchemist, The Melancholy of Haurhi Suzumiya, Gundam seed/Gundam seed Destiny,Ouran High school Host club) manga (Fruits Basket, Ouran High school Host club, Meri Puri, Absolute Boyfriend, Loveless, Vampire Knight), Movies, The lord of the Rings, DISNEY, Family and friends.... um.... The book Airborn and skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel.
Dislikes- People who hate Disney and Harry Potter, Scary things (yellow eyes), potatoe salad, the dark, being alone, and Zoey 101.

role- a writer
likes- The Office, Doctor Who, Heroes, Smallville, Hugh Jackman, Harry Potter, animes (Loveless, Gravitation, Princess Princess, Fruits Basket), mangas (Girl Got Game, Absolute Boyfriend, Vampire Knight).
dislikes- needles, salt and vinegar chips.
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ooo i love your art work and the comic seems very interseting so far. I'd enter the contest too!