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HAHAHA omg hahahaha! XD
March 20th, 2018
I say pimp turkey would have worked better with a rooster instead
Aaand cue sex scene with monster girl and Noah's giant wang~
January 18th, 2018
@...: that was my thought to, but now I can't unsee it
January 17th, 2018
Did... did the fish women just cream in his mouth?
Oh no I understood exactly what you meant. thanks.

I got into it while I was watching a cartoon on youtube. I just started doing it, monkey see monkey do kinda thing. I didn't expect it to but when I did it, it felt like a huge weight was lifted. I kept doing it after that. I was reeeeeally into it for months, but it started to help less and less
I haven't made anything in a really long time. I have reasons for this. I made this webcomic as a vent for myself. I know Im not a good artist, or the funniest or creative person, but this really is the only way I have to express myself and for a good while I haven't needed to do that.

I got a job that didn't break labour laws, I moved out of my parents house, I starting meditating and that really really helped me manage my depression. I was actually really happy for a good while, I even made a friend at work.

Lately though, I haven't been happy and nothing seems to help. I've been feeling depressed more and more. Meditation stills helps but not enough. Im not nearly as messed up as I was before and thats good but there are stills days when I end up having multiple hyperventilating panic attacks.

So I might start making webcomics again, maybe it'll help some if I do
I really love Teamfourstar's Nuzlockes over on the youtubes. I even bought a T-shirt of the first one. I love it so much it inspired me to make this fan art comic.
Ha ya well it's not even out in canada yet so I've got a bit of waiting to do. Sucks though, everyone else seems to be having so much fun
No, apparently it's not functional with my android phone
Ya but you never know, nintendo could just make it for the newer one to help push the system.

But ya that would have made more sense to make the SUN pokemon fire. Then again a lot of pokemon don't make sense
You bet I'm excited!
well i'll tell you; fire melts steel so steel is weak to fire, psychic is weak to dark because darkness binds the third eye.

so do you know if it'll be out for the 3ds or the NEW 3ds?
Well you still have a girlfriend who's into pokemon. My jealousy stands, stands while shaking a fist while giving you a look
Well aren't you a special awesome duck. You with your girlfriend and many shiny pokemon. Im not jealous at all
I have seen and caught one. It was that fire thing that keeps warm with it's own poop.
Also right ya, i forget i have that
Motivation: The most illusive pokemon.
It's not that I'm intending to just do holiday updates. It's just that now I'm to tired to make stuff when I get home from work and the weekends are my only downtime. So even though I get some ideas to make stuff I'm just never in the mood to actually actuate them, ya know?
Im glad you enjoyed it, thank you :)
Ya I know, but saying it like that would have killed the joke
I went from a halloween update to an xmas one. Yep I'm updating like one of THOSE comics now.