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Hi i'm Tek i've been on SJ for a couple of years now and I still have a good time.

Hobbies: Spriting,Video Games,and Reading Sprite Comics.
I hope we can all be friends.

Best friends:

<UPDATE> 7/31/13
Now spritin' again and makin' a few comics, and a couple of animations.
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I'd love to hear what Jameswolf100 thinks
September 7th, 2013
Take your time. Unusable files crush spirit but don't forget to give us the badassery of Mega Reloaded
@jameswolf100: I don't have patterns I just try to not use the same colors. the gloves from what I remember were an inside joke, also you didn't pick between a or b ;-;
A or B
If anyone still knows this exists then tell meh what ya think.
boppity zoom zop zig zaggity zoo
Been so long dont even remember who that was ;-;
i guess neil gave a rear delivery
i no longer feel left out from the flashback page
I feel so left out T_T
but i really dont wanna
what'd u expect
i had to bring him back
i mean hes tek why wouldnt i bring him back
Edit:New features include shoes shading and gloves
Haven't uploaded in awhile
Tell me what you guys think
the day this place falls is the day i leave smackjeeves as tekern and only return as a random comic reader.this place made me who i am.i wonder how i will turn out without it
@Luigidaman: i second it
freeze mostly runs the chat might as well make him owner
I'm talking about that porn on the last post.